“Using Wideo, we achieved a 12x increase in ROI after just a few days.”

Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker  Regional Digital Director


Video traffic has not stopped growing since the beginning of cat videos. From search results to social media, that growth is ubiquitous. Video content accounted for 64% of the world’s internet traffic in 2014, and now, two years later, Cisco has published a study predicting that by 2019, online video will represent 80% of global internet traffic.

Consumer behavior is a major force behind video’s popularity so it’s important for businesses to understand how the two fit together in order to tap into the potential of video marketing. If your business provides client services, you might find that online video is ideal for connecting your clients to their target audience.

Lee Enterprises, a media company, found that the videos they created with Wideo’s video solution not only improved their client communication but also increased Lee Enterprise’s return on investment for client projects.


Lee Enterprises is a leading media company that publishes local newspapers, classified, and other publications. It also provides online services such as websites for the newspapers.

Producing client video was a time-consuming process for Lee Enterprises. Another limitation they faced was that they weren’t able to achieve their desired quality of video designs with the tools that they were using.


Wideo’s user-friendly and flexible editing tools allow Lee Enterprises to create beautiful videos in less time. Now, the company uses Wideo to produce classified video ads and other forms of visual content for their clients’ websites, improving the experience of client websites for visitors.

The marketing video production time that Lee Enterprises saves also creates new potential for business growth. “With time we save, we can focus on creating more videos to increase our revenue,” says Bridget.


Lee Enterprises has streamlined their video production process. They can add value of their client projects with a simple video ad or other video communication. As a result, they’ve generated a 12x increase in ROI.

Designing compelling marketing video

On social media, visual elements are at the core of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and people expect to see the most relevant images and videos front and center when they open their feeds. In some ways, video content is inescapable; Facebook auto plays videos in the News Feed. But how can you get people to engage with your video past the first few seconds?

The design identity of your marketing video is crucial for hooking customers online. And although video design requires some planning, striking the right visual balance will help create lasting impact on your audience.

Here are some quick tips for creating compelling video design.

Create a mood with color — The color palette you choose helps set the tone. You can also change color in key moments throughout the video to help drive emotion. Here are some ideas for color schemes.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match typography — No matter the font or fonts you choose, be sure to remain consistent. Starting a video in one font and ending it in another results in disharmony.

Support ideas with great imagery — Whether you’re using graphics, photos, or a combination of both, balance your visual elements in a way that highlights ideas rather than muddles them.
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