Create thousands of videos with the power of automation


But wait, what does automatic videos mean?

We create videos on a massive scale using our platform; no manual work required.
Unless, of course, you want to give it that manual touch.

Increase productivity by automatically producing hundreds of videos in minutes.

Flexible video technology

Integrate our video automation technology into your existing tech stack and applications.

Reduce the setup time by working with our video API.

Easy to implement

Our experienced team will help you find the best solution and assist you in setting up the most suitable flow possible.

No engineers in your team? Don’t worry; you can use ours.

Automated video creation from template

Design one video template and create hundreds of unique videos.

Connect your database, Google sheet, products, listings, and receive one video for each data set.

How does the automatic video creation work?

1. Create the templates you will be using​

2. Define the variable content​

3. Select the input source
(Database, Google sheet, CSV, XML, CRM)​​

4. Select the type of video: MP4, MOV, Wideo player, YouTube…​​

5. Start creating thousands of videos​​

Streamline your video creation process

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