Make thousands of automated videos a month

Scale your company’s monthly video production from hundreds to thousands of videos a month with video automation.
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More videos, less hassle, with  video automation

We create high-quality, automated videos on a large scale. No manual work is needed unless you’d like to add a special touch.

Simplify the video creation process

No new logins needed to access your content— receive new videos in your email inbox and set up automatic posting to your website & social media.​

Optimized for every industry

We work with a variety of industries to create all types of videos: event promotion, explainer videos, tutorials, & product or real estate listings:

• Saas & Software Companies
• Schools & Universities
• eCommerce
Real Estate

One template, many videos.

Choose & customize one template and create hundreds of unique videos.
Connect your database, Google sheets, products, & listings to Wideo. For each set of information you enter, our API creates a video for you.

How does automated video creation work?

1. Create the templates you will be using​

2. Define the variable content​

3. Select the input source
(Database, Google sheet, CSV, XML, CRM)​​

4. Select the type of video: MP4, MOV, Wideo player, YouTube…​​

5. Start creating thousands of videos​​

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Streamline your video creation process

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Automating video creation allows you to scale your content production by creating more videos in less time with an standardized format and quality.

Here you can experience for yourself how automation works.