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Add Subtitles to your Videos

80% of consumers are more likely to finish watching a video if it has subtitles according to a Verizon Media Study

Benefits of subtitles on your videos

Increased view time

Since 50% of viewers have their sound turned off when they play videos, a lack of subtitles will make your video “unwatchable” to them.


Increase add recall by 8% and 
Improve memory quality by 10%

Effective Communication

6.1% of the world has a  hearing disability. And that number will rise by 2030. Adding captions to videos makes your content accessible to those who wouldn’t be able to get the full value from it without the sound

How to add subtitles to your video

1. Finish editing your video using Wideo, or upload the video you already have to the Wideo editor.

2. Have a script of the speech you need the subtitles for in a file at hand.

3. Copy and paste the appropriate script on a text box in each scene, a few sentences at a time.

4. Match the timing of the text appearance with the beginning of the speech. You can do this by selecting the text box and moving the element on the timeline you can see at the bottom of the editor.

5. Match the text disappearance with the end of the speech the same way.

6. Add a new textbox with the next sentences and repeat steps 4 and 5.

7. You did it! Sign up to Wideo and add subtitles to your videos and more today!

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What makes a good explainer video?

It should be short in length, have a strong call to action, focus on solving a problem and deliver high-quality content.

How can explainer videos help your business?

Video uses storytelling to influence and persuade an audience. It also strengthens your business brand awareness, online presence and builds stronger brand affiliation.

Why are explainer videos effective?

Explainer videos have boomed in popularity due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. The main reasons why they are so effective is that they increase conversion rates, clarify the objective of the product and rank better in Google searches.

How do I make killer explainer videos?

To create an instant connection with the viewer and inspire them to take action you need to consider certain aspects before creating the video: the script of the video, the theme or emotion, having engaging visuals and a clear call to action.