About us

Wideo was founded by Agu De Marco, Agus Esperón, and Fer Sabre in 2012.
The story begins with Agu, who needed to create an explainer video for his previous startup. He noticed that the only way was to have $1500-$2000 to spend with a video creation agency, or to learn how to create videos himself with AfterEffects or Flash, which would take hundreds of hours.

That day he decided to create Wideo, which would provide businesses of all types and sizes with access to the most powerful way of communication: video.

The main idea was to build an easy-to-use and affordable tool for working online, where you could create videos from scratch or by editing templates. “We want to make this as easy as editing a PowerPoint or a Word document.”
After a lot of work and help from our friends and investors (including 500 Startups, NXTPLabs, and South Ventures), we launched Wideo globally from Silicon Valley in 2012.

Our mission

Our mission at Wideo. co is to empower millions of users and companies to develop more videos than ever before.

We redefine the landscape of video creation with our core focus on automation, AI and simplicity, ensuring that businesses, startups, internal communication departments, and students can create videos easily and efficiently. By leveraging the latest in video automation and AI creation technology, we provide powerful platform & tools that save millions of hours and resources

We are democratizing access to high-quality video production & communication. This approach transforms how our users engage with video, making it a seamless, quick, and cost-effective solution for enhancing their marketing actions, presentations, and communications.

Our work culture

In 2017, we left the office and become a remote company. The main idea was to let every team member live where they were the happiest, and to not have to wait until retirement to achieve that.

This also allowed us to focus, working more quickly and efficiently, avoiding commutes, having fewer meetings, and having more time for our families, sports, and hobbies.

We are all flexible when it comes to work hours, and work based on objectives, self-management, and trust in one other.

Our values

User first

We focus our daily work on our users’ needs, and we try to keep in touch with what they want in order to provide a better, evolving product.
Human touch

We believe, even in this technological, global, automated world, that each user’s question or comment deserves human attention and to be attended one at a time.

Humility and Responsibility

We don’t pretend to be a different company than we are. We have strengths and weaknesses. When there is a problem, we take full responsibility for it, ask for apologizes, and try to fix it as soon as possible.


We think that time is the most valuable thing humans have. We try hard to develop better tools that allow you to save time so that you have more of it in your personal life.
Enjoy Life

We love Wideo, but we think of it as a way to give our team, families, friends, and users a shortcut to happiness. That’s why (among other things) we don’t work on weekends or on national holidays dates.

Help as much as possible

We like to provide our little contribution with special plans for educational institutions, teachers, students, and non-profit organizations.

Lectures that inspired us


Robbie Zant

Customer support

Staff Grundberg

Sr. Developer

Diego Arduino

Front end developer

Juan Ignacio Velez

Full Stack Dev

Anthony Muñante

Backend Dev

Federico Diaz Sparta

Growth Manager

Santiago Cura


Fernando Sabre

Co-Founder & COO

Agustín Esperón

Co-Founder & Head of UX / Design

Agua De Marco

Co-founder & CEO

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