Before a user hits play on a video, they will likely take notice of its runtime. Whether or not they watch a video may even come down to how long it is. However, there’s more to an ‘ideal’ length of your business video than minutes and seconds.

Video highlights

  • We’ve seen that successful explainer videos can be as long as two minutes or as brief as 30 seconds. The average is 90 seconds.
  • A rule of thumb: If you want to maximize number of views and message impact, make your video as short as possible.
  • Remember there are no strict rules: Although 90 seconds is enough time for most videos to create a succinct and powerful message, your video may take more to less time to do so.
  • Your video’s content, complexity of subject matter and the level of audience appetite should hold sway over its ideal length.


Read on for a quick breakdown of what makes a video’s duration optimal.
We look at two explainer videos from different industries with different lengths–the first runs 1:10, the second 1:40–and explain why they are ideal.


Locations North Brokerage: How Our Real Estate Hub Works


Why is it ideal? This video sets it pace by starting out with engaging visuals and highlighting the most important benefits for its potential customers. The service and branding message are straightforward enough to be summarized in well under two minutes.


DNS Made Easy: Why Your Website Needs DNS Management

Why is it ideal? Despite its complex topic, the video’s message remains clear in each passing second. It slows down and speeds up at the right moments to keep viewers engaged all the way through. By the time you finish watching, you feel better informed, and not overwhelmed with information.

In conclusion: If your video has captivating content, people will stick around to watch even if it’s longer than average.


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