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Turn your digital listing into videos. Save time and money producing real estate videos at scale in minutes with video automation technology.

How it works
Real Estate Video Creator

Creative agencies are costly and require many meetings for setup, and manual video creator tools are cumbersome— Wideo’s technology allows you to create a professional video for your listing within seconds of receipt, saving you time and money. 

1. Submit the specs of your listing to Wideo.
2. Receive
your videos in seconds via email.
3. Post
your new video on social media, ads, & on your website, or set up automatic posting.

Real Estate Video Creator

Flexible real estate video technology

Integrate our video automation technology into your existing tech stack and applications. Reduce the setup time by working with our video API.

Why Should My Business Increase Our Video Marketing?

1. Boost social engagement

Facebook videos earn 135% more engagement than a simple image. Take advantage of social media algorithms— platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn push videos to the top of users’ newsfeeds over text or image posts.

2. Get more, and longer, page views

Evidence shows that for real estate-related searches on Google, listings with videos are 53x more likely to rank higher than pages with only text. The average visitor spends only 48 seconds on a website before navigating away— with video, you can easily double that engagement time.

3. Double your output for cheaper

Money and time prevent people from realizing the benefits of creating videos— with Wideo, you’ve found the best way to increase quality and quantity without digging into your marketing budget.​

Video experts to help you with the setup

Our experienced team will help you find the best solution and assist you in setting up the most suitable flow possible. 

No engineers in your team? Don’t worry; you can use ours.

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