Create Personalized Videos At Scale

Provide that personal touch to your video communication and stand out from the crowd

How do I start a personalized video campaign?

How do I start a personalized video campaign?

1. Talk with our specialized team to define your goals
2. Provide the video you want to use or create a new video template.
3. Define the data you want to personalize
4. Your dynamic personalized video is ready to share.
5. Want to automate how your videos are uploaded? No worries, we have you covered.

But wait, why do I need personalized videos?

In a world full of distractions, it is hard to maintain a genuine relationship with your customers.

Our Personalized Marketing Videos empower you to efficiently engage with your buyers on a genuinely personal level, driving customer happiness.

How does personalized video marketing work?

A personalized video is a video customized, especially for each viewer.
We achieve that by including individual components such as the viewer’s city, name, job title, profile image, company, logo, etc. straight into the video.

With our video technology, you can create individual videos from the same template.

With personalized videos, you can send hundreds of videos and make people feel special as if they have received a video made just for them.

Benefits of personalized videos

Increase email
Click-through rate

Generate better relationships with your customers

Stand out from the crowd

Keep your audience engaged

Provide better reports to your clients

Greater emotional impact on the viewer

Streamline your video creation process

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