Easily Add Music
to your Video Online

 Boost your video quality by adding the right background music

How to put a song in your video

1. Upload your video to the editor.

You can easily add your video to Wideo. If you don´t have one yet, you can make one from scratch or choose one of our templates to edit your video.

2. Select your sound/music and add it to the video

On the left side of the editor, there is a music note. Once you click it, you can select the song/music you want to add to your video.
You can add it to the current scene or the entire video.

add music to your video with wideo
how to share your video

3. Share or download

Either share your video as a link, automatically upload to youtube or download it as an MP4 file.

Benefits of adding a background song to your video

Sets the right tone

It sets the right tone and mood for your video, making the message clear.

It makes the video memorable

Have you ever had a beat or a song from a commercial stuck in your head?
That´s what you want. People to be constantly reminded of your message by the memory of your chosen background music.

It feels professional

Video allows you to use images, audio, and text to make your message clear.
Skipping on any of these types of content is a mistake, as you are leaving money on the table.

How do you add background music to a video without copyright?

To add background music to a video without copyright, you are going to need to have access to a royalty-free songs/music library. Wideo has one. Sign up to try it out.

Can you legally add music to a video?

Yes, you can legally add music to a video. To do this, you can either buy the rights to a song or add a royalty-free song to your video.

How do you add background music to a video?

You add background music to a video by either uploading a saved audio file to the video editor you are using. Or by selecting a music option available on your editor. Some video editing tools will allow you to buy songs; some have a library of royalty-free music you can choose from for free.

How much does it cost to remove background from video?

Nothing, it is free to use the remove background from video tool.

In what format do I get my video?

You will get it in MP4 format

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