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“Video content has changed the way that companies communicate and promote their products and services.”
An awesome podcast (is Spanish) where Wideo’s founders explain how to deal with chaos in a startup.
The app comes with a selection of templates that can be customized to deliver your message or you can create one from scratch. You can pull your own logos and graphics into the video you’re creating to make it seem as though you paid a professional to put it together.
Wideo is a free platform for creating basic animations. You can choose a template, as well as pictures from your personal library, and customize them into short informational videos.
“Video content has changed the way that companies communicate and promote their products nand services. Every social network has become much more video-friendly. This means that most marketing managers and internal communication managers have had to start thinking about their strategies of promotion and communication through video.”
With Wideo you could have your students creating explanatory videos in the Common Craft style. The art of Common Craft videos is the way in which confusing topics are boiled down to a concise explanation.
One such solution to the problem may come in the form of Wideo, a simple way of creating animated videos.
Users can choose from a selection of video templates to customize or start from scratch to create and share animated videos. Wideo provides tutorial videos and easy step-by-step instructions to create the ideal video for your project.
The videos are fully animated and are made with their own available images, movement, objects, shapes, audio or text; or you can upload your own images, backgrounds and music. Wideo has been utilized for business, education and just for fun! Either way, animated videos are always fun and if utilized appropriately can be very beneficial for your purpose.
Wideo is an online video creation platform that enables inexperienced users to create, edit, and share online videos. I had the pleasure of speaking to COO Fernando Sabre to discuss some of the changes that video has brought into our lives, and the opportunities it presents to businesses large and small, even when they don’t have a professional filmmaker on staff.

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