How to inspire your video viewers to take action and make the decision to buy


We know that video is engaging, entertaining, and can create social buzz, but did you know it is also one of the best ways to generate leads for your brand? Maybe you have already integrated video into your marketing strategy but still find it difficult to figure out if your video views are truly converting into real leads or increasing your buyers’ intent to purchase.

Fortunate for you, quality video content paired with the right calls-to-action is a sure way to turn your viewers into customers, you just need to implement the right tactics. Here are a few easy ways you can start generating more leads from your videos immediately and inspire your audience to take action.

Place Video on Key Landing Pages

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One effective way to generate leads using video is by including video content at the top of key landing pages. If you already have videos throughout your website, check their positioning on your pages. Where are they located?

Placing your videos as the first thing your audience sees on a page makes it easier to capture their interest in your product or service and respond to your video’s call to action. 60% of people prefer to watch video rather than read text, so use that to your brand’s advantage!

Test an Email Gate

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Placing an email gate at the beginning of your video can help you gather valuable information about who is interested in your content. Before the video starts, or after a quick teaser, prompt your viewers for an email address so you can monitor which viewers are interacting with your video and how often. Once you know who your viewers are, you will be able to send more tailored content that fits your audience’s likes and needs. Remember to provide quality, engaging content as an incentive to unlock the gate!

Create YouTube Video Annotations

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YouTube allows in-video links to external pages, which are a great way to draw your viewers back to your website, social media pages, or other content. Just make sure your YouTube annotations help your audience, rather than annoy them. Review any YouTube videos your brand currently has and make sure you are optimizing the potential of each one. YouTube provides an excellent guide on how to add external links to annotations here.

Post Video Testimonials

There’s no doubt video can be more powerful than text when it comes to influencing a customer to buy. Including even just a handful of video testimonials about your brand’s product or service on your site can seem more genuine than a whole page of written reviews.

Creating video testimonials can also help you build better relationships with your customers and humanizes your brand. Draft a request to your top buyers or create a post on social media to find customers who may be interested in contributing a video testimonial for your website.

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Rogaine’s website is a great source of inspiration for creating your video testimonial page.

Follow these easy-to-implement tactics and start generating more qualified leads with your videos today. For more ideas on how to generate leads with video, check out the Wideo blog.

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