1.8 Million Words. That’s the value of one minute of video, according to a study by Forrester Research. Grossly outnumbering the “a picture is worth a thousand words” count, the statistic is reason enough to create a video to boost engagement. So all that’s left is posting and waiting for the results to come in? Far from it.

The reality is, creating just a single impressive video is really falling short if you’re crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy. A study by Aberdeen found that 60% of best-in-class companies are now using video throughout the marketing funnel. A top-notch video marketing model not only generates new leads, but also guides clients through each stage of the purchase funnel to keep them interested in what you have to offer. A dynamic mix of video content at each stage of the sales cycle is the rule of thumb if you’re looking to maximize your reach and help your sales team.



Scratching the Surface – Top of the Funnel

To get started, the top-funnel content is all about making your target audience aware of the existence of a product or service that provides a solution to them. This could be in a B2B video format or B2C video. These videos should be attention-grabbers, yet give your viewers solutions rather than just pushing your product. Explainer videos like this simple and effective example are great.

Apart from creating the explainer video must-have for your landing page, you can also create the following videos at this stage:

Tips & How-To’s: Demonstrate simple tasks and show how dedicated you are to reaching your users. This highlights the credibility of your product or service.

Humorous Content: Use your company mascot to show viewers around the office, introduce your team, or show viewers your fun workplace antics. This shows what makes you endearing and ultimately humanizes your brand.

Video Infographics: Create a visual representation of a current topic within your industry. It’s a straightforward way to bring reliable and engaging content to potential prospects.


Midway through the Funnel

The bulk of your content should be focused at this stage of the funnel, where your potential clients can learn, evaluate, and ultimately take action: purchasing your product or service. Beyond being rich in information, it’s the opportunity to help customers determine that you have the solution they’re looking for.

What to produce:

Customer Testimonials: Share how your product or service has helped customers with their business.

Product Demos: Take the time and go more in-depth with in’s and out’s of your solution.


Experts Educating Patients created their own professional-quality Product Demo:

Video Case Studies: Show off your “success stories” with how your clients have used your product to improve conversion rates, boost engagement, and drive results.

Tip: We’ve got a whole assortment of templates for Product Demos that will help you get started here.


End of the Funnel

Videos may have helped to close a deal, but they are also useful to make sure your customers’ choice was worth it, even post-purchase. It’s important to nurture new clients and build a strong customer relationship.

FAQs: Build a base of questions that you can even answer by means of a video.

Instructional videos: Cover any new questions your leads can have post-sale. These often come up, so it’s best to be prepared for them.

Product Updates: Keep customers in the loop on any new development, pricing package, product, or feature that may encourage renewal. Include any special announcement that could interest them as well.

Make sure you’re easy to contact; this is where your customer champions come into play and really touch base with your clients.

In short, video is not only the preferred content format that so many users enjoy, it’s also persuasive. By creating various types along the sales funnel, you’re also allowing leads to go along the path as they choose. Moreover, you’re doing yourself a favour, because the value of a video isn’t just about brand awareness. You can boost your results, build your brand image and strengthen customer relationships, all in one format.

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