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With Wideo’s platform, you can add text to video easily. Add text, captions, emoticons, watermarks, and more to any of your media content.

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Why add text to the video?

There are thousands of reasons but we’ll give you 3 solid ones::

  • Clear communication – it may be easy to understand speech if it is being said or heard by native speakers. But, for many people (if not most), having text to compliment the audio really helps to improve comprehension and add relevant context.
  • Captivating Decoration – a simple video with the right title or catchy text can really make things more engaging on a visual level. You can easily add text to boost the quality of your video. You can also add a stylish watermark to your content so that everyone knows it’s yours!
  • Say what can’t be heard – it is no secret that people who are hard of hearing rely on subtitles to enjoy video content. By including text in your video, you can make sure everyone gets to enjoy it.



Here are some simple steps for adding text to an online video:

1. Upload your video
Upload your video onto the online video editing platform.

2. Select the Add Text function
Add a text box to your video as you see fit. You can change its position by clicking and dragging. You can also animate your text, or adjust it’s color, font, and opacity.

3. Edit and add the final touches
You can select the duration, video resolution, format, and other aspects while finalizing your video to fulfill all your needs!

Once you are done editing your video you can click on Export, and your video with new text will be ready for you to share with everyone!

How to add text to your videos

Adding text to your video has never been easier

With Wideo, you can add whichever text you want, customizing it down to the last detail! It’s quick and easy, and everyone can do it. Change the color, position, size, and font of the text as you please.

Try all of the different styles to find the best results!

Check out the templates from our extensive video gallery and add custom text to your favorite one


What type of text can you add to your video?

  • Subtitles
  • Quotes
  • Emoticons
  • Watermarks
  • Titles
  • Lyrics
  • Closed captions

How to add typing animation to video text

Once you have added the text to your video, you should select the “Type” animation on the text editor tab.
Then e
dit the length or typing style (word by word or letter by letter).

Integrate the typing effect in a couple of clicks. It’s that easy!

How to add text to video online (without watermark)

  1. Open the video editing platform
  2. Choose a video template
  3. Insert your media (videos/images)
  4. Insert the text you want (using the text function)
  5. Implement the final touches

That’s it! You can share and export your video from the Wideo platform.