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Are you bored of always creating the same presentations with the same designs and animations? Are you looking for a simple slideshow maker that allows you to elevate your presentations to the next level?

Wideo is not just a powerful online video presentation tool – it also gives you the possibility to convert the scenes of your videos into slides and easily build high-quality slideshow presentations. Wideo’s slideshow maker works online, is so easy to use, and quick to learn that anyone can create modern presentations.

Why do you need a better presentation software?

Within presentations, the design is everything. Whether you are presenting a product, an idea, a project, or anything else, you must capture the attention of your audience.

And the best way to make this happen is with an impactful presentation with a clear, straightforward design.

It’s what we see that impacts us the most.

How to showcase your Slideshow Presentation?

Just go to your slideshow presentation in your profile page, click the fullscreen button and start presenting!

Remember that you always can change from Presentation Mode to Video mode with one click, meaning you can switch between the two whenever you want.

The easiest slideshow maker

Combine images and texts, upload the logo of your company, and create an animated presentation in minutes.

You can do it from scratch or using any of our pre-designed slideshow templates. Any template or video can be transformed into a slideshow with just one click.

Create different kinds of slideshow presentations

Wideo Slideshow Maker offers a variety of templates for different occasions


Marketing teams frequently make presentations to show the rest of the team plans for the near future. Use our exclusive slideshow presentation templates for a marketing or sales presentation.


Showcase your products or services, create a demo, make a presentation to raise money, or just explain your business or service in a simple and clear way with Wideo’s slideshow maker.


If your human resources team is looking to create attractive content for the employees of the company they can use our professional templates to create slideshows or presentations.


Use our templates in video mode or presentation mode to show the photos from your last trip or special occasions like birthdays, weddings, holidays greetings, etc.

Tips for a successful slideshow.

High-quality Photos

Try to choose high quality photos and images for your slideshow. You can upload your own images or choose one of the free stock images offered by our slideshow maker.

Do not use so much text

Try to cut down on the texts as much possible. A slideshow presentation with a lot of text will bore the audience and nobody will read it. You just have to select the necessary texts and the rest of it to be presented in a unique way or through voiceover in case it is a slideshow video.

Presentation length

How long is the presentation you are making? Your audience’s attention may waver after 1 hour. Try to make your presentations shorter. If there is a lot of content you need to show, perhaps you should separate it into 2 presentations.

Custom-made Slideshow Presentation

Do you need to hire a professional to create a custom-made slideshow video for your company?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable presentation video of your own.

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