Use AI to Generate Narrated Videos

Turn texts, scripts, and articles into videos in minutes.

elai text to ai

How to turn text into video using AI?

1. Sign Up for Elai

If you are not registered, you need to do it first. After the registration, you will get a confirmation email. Follow the instructions in the email.


Sign Up to Elai

2. Click on Generate from URL

Copy and paste a blog post URL or HTML text.


generate from URL

3. Choose a template

Go to “Select Template” and choose a template from the library. Then click “Create Video.”


choose template

4. Review your video

Review the generated video and apply changes if needed.


render video

5. Download your video

Click “Render” and download your video. You will receive an email when the video is ready.


render video

 Get the most out of your video content

By taking advantage of your blogs and articles, you can create new videos to publish on your website, send through email, and share on social media


1. Boost SEO
Google loves good content, and video consumption has increased in the past few years. So google rewards websites that have useful videos on their pages. So take advantage of this by generating videos from your articles.

2. Make Explainer Videos
If you have a page that talks about what your company or what your product does, turn it into a video and you have explainer video in muntes


3. Make video tutorials
If you have tutorial blogs or how-to guides, improve your reach by making a video out of them and sharing them across all your platforms. 

Start creating AI-Generated Videos Today

Generate narrated videos from URLs, turn text-to-video and start harnessing the power of video marketing today in just a few minutes.