Wideo combines all the features you need to easily create professional videos and presentations


Intro/Outro animation effects

Add intro/outro animation effects to any object in a single click.

Custom animations (keyframes)

Easily create complex and extensive animations using keyframes.

Precise frame accuracy

Set the exact frame in which your animations begin or end.

Scene transitions

Choose animated transitions between scenes.


Create videos from scratch

Start from a blank scene to create a video that’s 100% original.

Create videos from templates

Browse through more than 100 video templates. Pick the one that fits your needs and customize the images, texts, and colors in minutes.

Add videos

Upload your own video file or browse through thousands of free video clips from our built-in library.

Slideshow Presentations

Create Slideshow Presentations with excellent designs and take your presentations to the next level.

Square and Vertical videos

Create horizontal, square and vertical videos that are ready to be exported to your Instagram video stories and posts. Perfect for any social network!

Scene templates

Add pre-designed and animated scenes to your videos.


Duplicate and replace an object while keeping its animations

Duplicate an object and replace it with another without losing its animations.

Save favorite scenes

Save the scenes you use most (like logo animations) and insert them in any of your videos.

Graphics Libraries

Browse a wide range of high-quality images, object styles, and animations to use in your videos.

Changes automatically integrated

Make changes, click save and refresh the player to see the latest version of your video on any other device. You won’t have to render and re-send your files.


Customize branded colors

Use your brand’s colors as part of customizing your videos.

Comprehensive text editing

Find all the tools you need to edit your texts.

+100 fonts in our library

Find the font family that works best for your brand.

Upload images and logos

Upload your own images and logos in jpg, png or gif format.


Soundtrack library

Take your video to the next level by adding music from our library, or upload your own voiceover and soundtracks.

Hide, show, lock and unlock objects

Use this handy tool to make editing comfortable and agile.

Group, align and depth arrangement

Get all the editing features you need to create your video design.

Change scene length

Adjust the desired length for each scene.

Instant video preview (no rendering)

Preview your scene or video instantly without having to wait for it to render.


Full HD video downloads and Export to GIF

Download your videos in Full HD and MP4 format, which will allow you to take them anywhere.

YouTube uploads

Share your video with anyone by simply copying and pasting the unique video URL.

URL video sharing

Share your video with anyone just by copying and pasting the unique video URL.

Video Embeds 

Use the embed code to post your video on any website.

Presentation mode

Turn your video into an awesome slide presentation in a single click. 

Full Screen mode

Present your videos in high quality in full screen mode.



Save your videos in folders that can be organized by client, project, etc.

Share folder links

Share specific folder content with your clients or colleagues.

Duplicate videos

Duplicate any video to create multiple versions. Useful if you have to translate your videos into several languages.

Privacy control

Manage the privacy of your videos.

Re-sell videos

Get full monetization rights to resell your videos to your clients.

Premium support

Get the most out of our human dedicated support.


Wideo works on any internet browser and you don’t need to download anything.

Still not sure if you need an animation maker?

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