“I signed up for Wideo in 2014. After one of our first videos received 294,000 views on Facebook, we were sold. I’ve been using Wideo ever since. ”

Kameliya Encheva  Communications Director


When done right, animated explainer videos can become a central marketing tool for any business. Explainer videos encapsulate your brand identity in seconds and rich visuals. And many times, they are one of the first pieces of content your audience sees when they search you online.

Because of animated video’s visual nature, they are perfect for simplifying and representing the most complex of ideas. The European Cockpit Association began using Wideo to make explainer videos for their Facebook and other social media channels with this goal in mind.


The European Cockpit Association (ECA) is an organization that represents the interests of European pilots to the European Union. Their online audience has a limited knowledge of aviation and so their digital strategy revolves around the communication of complex messages that help educate followers.

Because their ECA is a non-profit with an in-house marketing team, they needed a video solution that kept production costs low. Their ideal video marketing tool also needed to be user-friendly and allow for full creative control.


ECA has produced several animated videos that take complicated information and repackages them into engaging and beautiful communication. They upload their videos to Facebook, where they have been able to spread the reach of their videos to new audiences. Their videos have also enhanced social strategy on Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.


With a single video, ECA has generated 294,000 views on Facebook. They estimate that this is more than 50 views per each of their followers. Video communication has improved ECA’s overall online engagement and is now a key part of their marketing strategy.

Best practices for Facebook video

Make it relevant to your audience.

With Facebook’s autoplay, you have just few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Make sure that video’s message speak directly to their needs and interests from start to finish. If you have different audience segments, consider create unique videos tailored to each one.


Nail the storyboard.

Planning each scene of an animated video takes time and the storyboarding stage of video production is crucial for creating maximum visual impact. And because the first few seconds are so important, the video imagery should be dynamic enough to entice the viewer instantly.


Tell the story with or without sound.

Since Facebook videos autoplay with sound muted, optimizing videos with the right title imagery and on-screen text and is also crucial. The audio should elevate your communication but not be required for people to understand the video.

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