“Wideo has helped increase our email marketing click-through rates by 2.57x since we started creating affordable, engaging video content.”

Peter Harris Digital Manager at Key Travel



If you’ve ever used video on your website to communicate ideas and better capture your audience’s attention, then you might have wondered how you can apply the same strategy to your other marketing channels.


Like your home page, email communication is an effective channel for getting your business video seen by a wide audience.

For Key Travel, email is one of the principal ways they connect to customers. When faced with the challenge of how to explain their services to new customers more efficiently, they saw that using video in email provided the perfect solution.

The Challenge

Key Travel specializes in travel solutions for organizations within the humanitarian, faith and academic sectors. They needed a way explain their services to new customers simply and visually.

In order to do that, they needed a tool that was fast and easy to use — and allowed them to deepen customer relationships during the email on-boarding process.

The Solution: Engaging customers with video in email

Key Travel uses Wideo to create dynamic training videos for their email communication as well as for their Key Travel Academy tutorials and resources hub.

Their customers can now watch videos like the one below to learn about Key Travel’s services.

This has enhanced the customer experience across the company’s different online channels.

The Results

Key Travel has greatly improved their overall email click-through rates (the total number of email opens divided by the number of emails sent) and click-to-open rates (how many subscribers clicked out of those who opened an email).

“Since we started using Wideo as part of our on-boarding program, our typical CTRs are up by 61%, while our CTORs are up by 46%,” says Peter, Digital Manager of Key Travel.


Pro tips: Types of video that go well with email

Key Travel uses video in their email communication to explain their services and direct customers to their tutorials and resources page. Depending on your industry, other types of video may be relevant and highly engaging.

Here are some ideas.

Explainer — Key Travel’s explainer video gives a visual and informative tour of their Key Travel Academy.

When you need to introduce your audience to a new service, explainer videos are great at communicating many ideas in a memorable way.


Training/tutorials — Need to address a frequently asked question in several steps?

A video tutorial helps guide people through the process in a more visual way that text alone can’t.


About us — A great opportunity to build trust with customers is a sincere video introduction to the people behind your business. Use images of smiling faces for a personal touch.


Company culture — Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look of your office, or share some moments from a holiday party.

The little details can go a long way in fostering customer relationships — and give people a reason to chose your over the competition.


Have you tried using video and email marketing together? Share your experience or questions in the comments below.

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