“We increased social media engagement by 50% and reduced our costs by 80%. Our experience with Wideo has been great!”



Bernal Días  CEO at Pentagrama


Video content has grown increasingly important in overall digital strategy over the past few years. Perhaps its most rapid growth has been taking place on social media. It also appears that this trend will continue into 2017.

For digital marketing agencies that are the discovering the power of video for their clients, finding the right video production resources is crucial to the video’s overall success.

That’s why Pentagrama began using Wideo’s video solution to build their social media presence and deepen audience engagement—and spend less time and resources on production. Read their story below.


Pentagrama is a digital marketing agency. One of their specialties is creating video content for their clients. However, video production implied high costs for Pentagrama. Additionally, innovating for video involved spending time to learn complex tools. They needed to reduce costs and find a simple video editor.


Wideo’s intuitive video editing platform allowed all members of Pentagrama’s team to quickly pick up the tool. Now, thanks to Wideo’s easy-to-use animation tools and library of assets and video styles, Pentagrama is able to produce video content that helps their clients better reach and communicate with their target audiences.


With Wideo, Pentagrama was able to take their video production in-house, allowing them to fine tune videos to their client needs, and reduce video costs by 80%. The videos that they’ve created for social media have increased engagement by 50%.

“Our experience with Wideo is excellent! Now, we can create many high quality videos in an easy way. And what’s best, our clients are much more satisfied”, says Bernal.

Ideas for your social video strategy

Having a range of types of video marketing is an important element of a successful video strategy—fresh content keeps people intrigued and encourages brand loyalty.

Inspire with a success story—One of the most unique things about your businesses are your customers. Show your followers exactly how your product or service has helped people (and why they should choose you) with a customer testimonial.





Generate buzz with a teaser—Build interest around an upcoming video or launch with a short video clip giving people a taste of what’s to come. This kind of video is the perfect format for social media.





Announce a sale with a promo video—People go on social media to stay informed about products and services that interest them: this includes special promotions and flash sales. If you have an upcoming promotion, make sure to communicate it on social media to increase reach.




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