By reducing 60% of their video costs and creating more video content for clients, AlabazWeb increased company profits by 25%.



Nohemí Hornero Zabala  CEO


Video content brings measured value to every aspect of a business, from sales to building an engaged and loyal online audience. As a medium, video is invaluable because it helps address customers’ needs, shaping and guiding the buyer’s journey in a way that text and other forms of marketing content can’t.

Understanding how to leverage video content in this journey is crucial to video strategy. AlabazWeb is an e-commerce development company based in Spain discovered that using short animated videos on product pages worked best for their clients. One of their clients saw the conversion rate of product pages with video increased by 15% compared to pages that didn’t have video.

Using Wideo, AlabazWeb was able increased their own company profits by 25% and dramatically reduce video production costs.


Previous to Wideo, AlabazWeb’s video team used complex editing tools to produce content. While they were able to create videos, the company was spending too much time on each video, and the production costs were too high.

AlabazWeb specializes in e-commerce design, custom web development, and web analytics. Their video team needed an easy to use video solution in order to streamline the creation process.


Wideo allows AlabazWeb to create beautiful animated videos for their client marketing. The company immediately noticed the reduction in video costs and production time thanks to Wideo’s intuitive editing tools.

Prior to Wideo, multiple members of AlabazWeb’s video team had to dedicate days of work to create a high quality video from start to finish. Now, just one person is capable to creating a marketing video of the same caliber, in just a matter of hours. “We reduced our video costs by 60%,” says Nohemí.


AlabazWeb has improved their clients’ e-commerce sales using a mix of explainer videos for website pages and animated videos in product pages. For one client, an animated explainer increased sales by 25% within a month.

By reducing 60% of their video costs and creating more video content for clients, AlabazWeb increased their own company profits by 25%. Video has also improved the company’s internal communication and digital marketing strategy. “Wideo has become an indispensable tool for AlabazWeb when it comes to launching a new product,” says Nohemí.

What types of video are shoppers watching on your e-commerce site?

  1. Product details — This video is crucial for hooking the attention of an online shopper. It shows off your product’s biggest selling points.
  2. Instructional/tutorial — Use this video in a product page or relevant page of your website to let people see your product in action.
  3. User testimonials — Why choose you over the competitor? This video is your chance to show why.

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