We are obsessed about Wideo, if you can’t tell already! But, we can’t help ourselves; the beta platform launches in one month! Since our launch is so soon, we wanted to stir up some ideas on how you can use Wideos in your busy life!

There will always be a time in our lives when we will need to share a presentation, whether it’s in school or work; its a part of our tasks as communicators. For your next presentation, thesis statement, or school assignment, consider making a Wideo. Using an animation platform can help you to not only present your topic, but also entertain your audience.

If presenting is your job on a daily basis (we applaud you), such as a teacher, then maybe incorporate Wideos into your lessons to drive those critical points home; and then let us know if Wideo makes your students’ grades improve! 🙂

Or try using a Wideo to explain your company’s initiative on the website, it will appear more professional and less outdated like a typical/ boring PowerPoint layout. Even use your designers who are able to incorporate their very own designs into Wideo.

Ok, so you just want to use the program for fun, consider sending your friends a Wideo as an invite to a party or even as a just thinking of you message. Wideos are meant to be fun, easy, and available for whatever you can think of because the options are limitless. I am sure many of you may have never even considered creating animation, but the future is here–or Wideo at least, and soon you will be able to turn your ideas into animations!


Let us know how you plan on using Wideo; we would love to hear your ideas!

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