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An intro to video marketing

In today’s digital world, video has become an essential part of any effective marketing strategy. It has proven to be a powerful tool for engaging audiences, promoting products, and building brand awareness. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of video marketing, video advertising, the benefits of using video, the different types of marketing videos businesses can use to achieve their objectives, and some tips you can use to create compelling marketing videos.


What is Video Marketing? 

Video marketing is the practice of using video to promote products or services, build brand awareness, and engage audiences. You can use videos in various ways, such as social media posts, email marketing campaigns, website landing pages, etc. 

Video marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it allows businesses to tell a story and connect with their audiences in a more personal way.


Benefits of Using Video: Why is video a powerful marketing tool?

There are several benefits of using video in marketing campaigns. For one, video has been proven to increase engagement rates. According to HubSpot, videos on social media receive 1200% more shares than text and images combined. 

Additionally, videos can help you increase conversion rates, as consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. 

Videos also help build brand awareness by creating emotional connections with audiences and reinforcing brand values.


Types of Marketing Videos 

There are several types of marketing videos that you can use, each with its unique purpose. 

1. Explainer videos, for example, are used to educate audiences about a product or service. 

2. Product demo videos showcase the features and benefits of a product in action.

3. Testimonial videos feature real customers talking about their experience with a brand.

 4. Brand videos are used to tell the story of a brand and its values.

5. Social media videos are short, engaging videos that are designed to be shared on social media platforms.


Tips for Creating Effective Marketing Videos 

You should focus on storytelling, visuals, and audio to create great marketing videos. You must tell a story that resonates with audiences, using compelling visuals to bring that story to life. 

Audio should be clear and high-quality, focusing on creating an emotional connection with the audience.

Aim also to keep your videos short and to the point, with a clear call to action at the end.

In addition to these tips, consider several other factors when creating marketing videos. 

It’s important to keep the target audience in mind when creating the video, as well as the platform where the video will be shared.

The tone and style of the video should also be consistent with the brand’s overall messaging and values.


To Sum Up

Video has become essential for businesses looking to engage audiences, promote products, and build brand awareness. By understanding the benefits of video marketing and the different types of marketing videos available, you can create effective video content that resonates with your audience.

So if you haven’t already, consider incorporating video into your marketing strategy and see the results for yourself. Remember, creating high-quality marketing videos requires time, effort, and resources, but the benefits are well worth it in the end.



Is video a good marketing strategy?

Yes, video is a highly effective marketing strategy. It has been proven to increase engagement, brand awareness, and conversion rates.

Why is video better than text for marketing?

Video surpasses text in marketing because it offers a more engaging and immersive experience. Videos can effectively convey tone, emotions, and visual information, which can be challenging to achieve with text alone.

Why are videos better than pictures for marketing?

While both videos and pictures have their merits, videos tend to be more impactful for marketing purposes. Videos allow for a more immersive experience, as they can combine visuals, audio, and motion.


Agus Esperón

Wideo Co-Founder & Head of UX/Design


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