3 benefits of video marketing for the automotive industry


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Selling cars is a tough business; that is something we all know. Doing it the traditional way through TV ads, radio, and road banners is still effective, but it is not really efficient. In the digital era, digital marketing provides a better way to increase sales and bring your company that desired ROI. Enter video marketing for the automotive industry.


What is Video Marketing? 

wideo hubspot integration

Video marketing is the implementation of video content into your marketing campaigns. There are several ways in which you can use it:

1. Email marketing ( welcoming and following up with customers, nurturing leads, and even for sales outreach)
2. Ads: Increase your company visibility to your target customer
3. Product pages: To improve user experience and give your page an SEO boost
4. Social Media: Let your audience know about new models, sales, etc. 


Benefits of Video Automation

1. Scale your video production

A Google Study showed that 60% of shoppers that consumed video content during their research phase ended up visiting a dealership.

People buy cars in person, so if they are serious about getting a car, they will end up at a car dealership at some point. But research is conducted online, and if you want your customer to visit you instead of the competition, you want to be present when they look at cars online.

Through video, you can show them your models and let them appreciate details they wouldn’t be able to through a picture or text description.


2. It narrows down the search

40% of Car buyers used videos to narrow down their options, according to a Google study. And we are not talking about what car, but also where to buy it from.

So, if you want the sale, help your customer during their research phase and guide them to you. 


3.You keep people informed

People can’t find out about new launches unless you tell them. And as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So a video is probably worth more than that.

Do you have a new model coming in? Announce it with a video.


4.You give your followers a chance to hype you up

Posting on social media has the added benefit of the comment section. When you post a video of a specific car, a sale, or just a brand video, you give your audience the option of joining the conversation and commenting about:

What they think of the model
What they think of you
How their past experience of doing business with you has been

Sure, there will be some negative comments here and there, but those actually make the positive ones look more genuine, so don’t torture yourself over them.

Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to find if there is any room to improve your in-person service (in case someone comments on it)

Through social media videos, you can sell yourself and let your audience do part of the sale for you. So be on it.


5. More Organic Traffic

Product pages with good SEO include videos of their products. The automotive industry is not an exception.

– You can include video tours
– 360 videos
– POV of driving the car

This will not only improve your user experience and hep your buyer make a choice, but it will also increase your organic traffic, resulting in more leads and more sales.

Wrapping up

Video marketing is a must-do for companies in the automotive industry. If you want an edge over your competitors, find a way to implement it.

If you need help, you can check out our video automation solution.


Agus Esperón

Wideo Co-Founder & Head of UX/Design


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