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Become a better and more efficient marketer by focusing on your marketing strategy and avoiding repetitive tasks.

Enters marketing automation

Marketing automation helps teams to improve their work quality and output. It does so by delegating tasks that don’t demand much cognitive ability but take a lot of time to carry out—activities such as follow-up emails, welcome messages, etc. 

If you don’t have automation protocols set up in your team, here we’ll explain why you may want to get started.


What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of software and technologies that execute repetitive tasks to improve team dynamics and communication, as well as the customer experience.

The goal of marketing automation is to boost a team’s productivity and efficiency. Increasing lead generation and improving lead nurturing, which leads to more sales. 


Here are the benefits of having automation protocols in place:

Benefits of Marketing Automation

1. Personalized customer journey

Having automation on your lead management processes, triggered by specific actions your leads or customers take, leads to an improved customer experience. The reason is that your communication and messaging is based on who they are and what they do rather than getting basic and generic content that may or may not apply to them.

Example: a personalized video showing your customers statistics about their performance with your product. 


2. Better communications between marketing and sales teams


Both teams are key drivers to a company’s success, and their goals are usually tied up together. Better marketing produces better leads, and a better sales team closes those leads.

However, communication between them could be better. It is critical for sales teams to have relevant lead data available. So they can tailor their communication to the person they are trying to close. 

Relying on individuals to pass on consistent and complete information is not optimal. However, CRM tools can display data gathered through the customer journey to both teams. Empowering the sales team with the knowledge produced by the marketing team.


3. Better Lead Management

Some things need to get done as soon as possible, like welcome emails and scheduling appointments with leads. 

CRM tools help automate your email marketing communications, so you don’t have to worry about it (as much). It makes your life easier and improves your inbound and outbound lead management.

Pairing this up with calendar automation will facilitate the scheduling of meetings, which will be notified to you and visible to you on your calendar ( which you should be checking), eliminating the task of finding suitable times for you and your lead.


4. Quicker decision making

Being able to make decisions quickly and take action is differentiates high-performing teams from the rest.

But it needs to be the right decision, which you can only achieve by processing the correct information.  

Analytics tools offer automated reporting. Decreasing the waiting time for information. Empowering the decision-makers in your company to make choices based on reliable data.


Wrapping Up

Now you see the value of marketing automation. Starting can be hard, but you can do it in small steps. Audit your team’s tasks and decide which ones you can automate.

Some options are:

  1. Email marketing
  1. Content creation (Video automation)
  1. Internal communications
  1. Social Media posting
  1. Backing up Data
  1. Appointment Scheduling
  1. Reporting
  1. Invoicing


Then, you need to choose the marketing automation tools that are the right fit for you.


Agus Esperón

Wideo Co-Founder & Head of UX/Design


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