If you’re a brand new startup, then you know that anything that could boost your product and doesn’t cost time and money, is priceless!

Here’s an example of a pitch video made for tedx to pitch wikiplay:

Having an elevator pitch video that has a solid voice, mission, and storyline will help viewers instantly connect with your company! Within a couple of minutes of awesomeness you can capture the attention of potential investors and customers. Research shows that by stimulating the auditory and visual senses you increase viewers’ comprehension of your pitch video by 74%!!

So why a pitch video you ask?

  • To raise money: Investors must have confidence in you. A great animated pitch video can impress potential investors, build confidence, and lead to the approval of the funds you need.
  • To build trust: Gain the trust of vendors, potential advisors, investors, and customers. Crafting an animated pitch video that is short, clear, and consistent can build trust by showing you know who you are, what you do, and how seriously you’re taking your goals.
  • To acquire customers: Get customers to associate your brand with what you do. When pitching, a clear message that focuses on the value you offer your customer is absolutely necessary. For the virtual environment, making a pitch video is the key to standing out from the crowd, sharing more info in less time, and capturing those critical initial customers.

Creating a Memorable Pitch video

Check out this very interesting video by bestselling author Daniel H. Pink: Six new pitching techniques from his book, TO SELL IS HUMAN.

A couple of tips from us:

Know who your target is: Before starting to create your video pitch, make sure you know exactly who you’re pitching to and what you can offer them.

Get to the point: Make sure to clearly define the goals and objectives of your video pitch. People don’t have much time to try and guess the point of your video, so be direct and clear.

Show your value: Ensure to include a proof point that shows you are legitimate and credible. Demonstrate your value to the audience and why does they should want want what you have to offer!

Conclusion is key:  It’s also very difficult. A successful conclusion should flow into a conversation that starts a dialogue about the goal of your pitch.

In addition to effectively communicating your message, a pitch video aids the consistency of of the message and image of your company for two crucial reasons: it is memorable and best of all sharable. Your audience easily retain the information presented in a pitch video and can share it with potential investors, customers, and vendors. And then suddenly, the whole world is an elevator — and your company’s message is there, along for the ride up!

Why Use Video In Your Marketing Strategy?

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