“With Wideo we generated a 110x ROI and added value to our clients websites.”

James Nicholas Lyon  Online Marketing Manager


Creating a mix of video content can pique interest and engagement in the same way that having a balanced digital marketing mix does. When it comes down to creating a live action or animated video, consider which format best brings your message to life. Is the personal feel of a live video what your brand needs to deliver information? Or would your video communication benefit from the visual representation of complex data and ideas?

For industries that provide hard-to-explain services, such as the elderly´s equipment for the medical industry, animated video is ideal for communicating with people far and wide. Marketing Agency Vets Practice Growth UK discovered that animated video elevated the online presence of their health practice clients. By using Wideo’s video solution, Growth UK was able to generate a 110x ROI.


Growth UK is a marketing agency that helps veterinary, dental, and optometry practices grow their businesses online.

Online video was a solution that they wanted to offer to their clients in order to improve the performance of their websites. They needed an innovative production tool that allowed them to create professional content as well as control costs.


Now, Growth UK is able to create video content ranging from social videos to promotional and explainer videos. These marketing efforts help improve their clients’ video SEO and bolster their online presence to wider audiences.

Wideo’s editing and design tools make it easier for Growth UK to tap into the potential of video marketing and create innovative campaigns that help their clients stay competitive.


Animated video proved ideal for their clients’ video communication. It is also cost-effective and requires less resources: The videos Growth UK has produced with Wideo delivered them a ROI of 11.030%. “We were looking for a solution that allowed us to add more value to our client projects. With Wideo we generated a high ROI and we definitely made our clients websites more attractive,” says James.

Tips for winning with animated video

Know the elements of an animated video — No matter if your video uses a voice over, it should always have music.

Perfect your storyboard — A storyboard is a series of sketches depicting every scene in your video. It looks like this.

SEO optimize your YouTube channel — See our video guide for everything from creating keyword relevance to creating calls to action.

Set up your video strategy for social media success — If your brand is creating video, chances are that you will be using social media platforms to share them; the two mediums are a natural combination. Make sure the foundation of your strategy incorporates the right techniques.


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