Internal communications today have been given a facelift thanks to the widespread access to cross-platform or content collaboration tools. Slack automatically comes to mind as one notable success story, making use of our social messaging and mobile readiness and applying it to build company culture and prod

Even though we’ve become used to using videos to distribute our company message, to promote our products and create brand awareness, it can just as well be a perfect resource in communicating inwards – produced for just for our co-workers and us.

How Video Improve Company Culture

According to a study carried out by Melcrum on the use of video in internal communication in 2011, 93% of 1,200 respondents believe that video has become a vital part of internal communication.

The explanation is quite simple. Visual content is eye-catching, and we’ve grown to consume it just about everywhere online. Why? It speaks directly to your viewers and is personal – which is crucial when humanizing brands is all-important nowadays – both inside and publicly.

Video is a participative, engaging experience, allowing colleagues to feel they are more part of a group and can play a bigger role within the company. And they’re also happy to receive it. According to Cisco (2011), 54% of employees expect to see videos in the workplace.

Saying Welcome! to a new member of your team can be easily done with one of our internal communications pre-animated templates:

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Video can also be more effective in two ways:

1. It can condense information and communicate what could need several paragraphs in written form.
2. Using videos can eliminate unnecessary in-person meetings, printed documents, countless emails or newsletters.

Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to distribute in the modern workspace. Links, mobile, messaging groups, or through online meetings – you name it, you can send out a video to your team.

Many companies are embracing mobile and social media usage, because it also encourages employees to act as brand ambassadors, sharing company news from their social media pages to their personal profiles, or engaging with other team members when they share information.

This job opening example can be easily shared on social media, LinkedIn pages, and through internal messages in a company:

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This all contributes to creating a positive environment inside the office. Best of all, nowadays it can also be easy to make.

What Videos can you create?

Employing training videos are not the only types of visuals you can create for internal communications. HR-videos can be used to communicate a variety of events, announcements, and updates. Here’s a shortlist of some of the things you can easily communicate with a video:

Tip to get started: Try once a week, once a month, or whatever frequency feels right – but aim for consistency.
It’s easier than you might imagine. Find out how to create a number of videos without losing time.

To sum it up, hr-videos can be a perfect channel to start communicating better with your team in a way that is cost-effective, relatable, and upbeat.

In what ways have you used videos in your own company? Let us know in the comments below.

Additional Tip: For remote employees using an office phone solution, depending on your company´s size, might be the right way to maintain individual conversations.


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