Content is evolving. No longer are traditional media the secret to achieving marketing success, visual is becoming the norm. Check out all the info on how to effectively utilize visual content like video, infographics, visual note-taking, and memes in your marketing campaigns and elevate your social media game.

In the new Social Media era words alone aren’t going to be enough to keep audiences engaged and involved. Here are some reasons why:

1. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

This means that any message you want to convey is better communicated in the form of an image. It also means that, for an Internet user scanning the web, you’ll be able to communicate more value, faster.

2. Videos on landing pages increase average page conversion rates by 86%.

It’s also important to note that many A/B Tests have established similar conversion rate increases from simple images. Go for an explainer video of your product, or an animated funny video of your brand. Read the article 4 reasons to have a video in your landing page.

3. Visual content is social-media-ready and social-media-friendly.

Social engagement is now becoming more essential for your business’ SEO.

Graphic Content on social media generates more engagement than links or text. Images on your website is likely to be more shared than anything else. In 2014, visual content is just smart business.

4. Infographics help traffic growth

Infographics are a visually engaging approach to convey a lot of what could be boring information in a quick and easy-to-read way. If you have a business with a graphic designer working in your marketing department, you can generate a short infographic without much effort.

In terms of brand awareness and social-media, sharing Infographics are extremely effective; they’re also mentioned more frequently than any other piece of content – escalating their reach exponentially. You can view one of our noteworthy wideo infographics here.

5. Graphic posts receive more engagement that non-graphic posts

People are instinctively more drawn to images than they are links or text. Facebook posts with graphic content gather normally more than twice as many comments as those without.

6. SEO: more people click on businesses if its images appear on Google.

Essentially, this means you want to find a way to display your products with an image. This may be an icon or your logo. Try alt-tagging these images with your company name, so when somebody types ‘make videos’, your image appears up before your competitors.

7. Visuals like video show your products without telling people about them.

This enables customers to make their own decisions without feeling pressure from your business. One of the main objections by online users is the unceasing harassment they get from brands. Any way that you can endorse your product without spamming your customers should be pursued and invested.

Here’s an example of a great explainer video by Spotify.

8. Visuals convey emotions

Easily edible content is the future of content marketing. Users need as much relevant updated material as possible.

Infographics, Slideshares or Video presentations- these are the sections of content that could establish your business as a trusted resource in your field in 2014.

Summing up:

2014 is the year of visual content, and also the marks the decrease in the reign of info-heavy, fact-heavy blog articles. Photo and video editing tools are easier to use, and people are surely noticing how much brand engagement they stand to receive if they can communicate with images rather than words.

Have you tested visual content vs. written content for your brand? Have you started to recycle your blog articles into visually appealing infographics or animated videos?

Start the conversation below!

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