The 2018 Holiday Season is in full swing and everyone is sending their good wishes. Give your greeting cards a twist: send animated videos to clients or colleagues that are easy to edit and won’t stack up on your Christmas to-do list. We’ve specifically designed some templates that cover the must-have for your company card.


Christmas time is all about giving, so take the opportunity to express your gratitude with a unique approach. Use this video to build more personal relationships with your business contacts or to give an example of your culture. This featured template is all ready to go: just fill in your personal wishes, company logo, and group photo.



Capturing your team’s holiday cheer works best when you keep it lighthearted. At this busy time of year, a fun, personal tone can get your audience to appreciate your gesture. Consider adding a creative photo that showcases your company’s personality. Use color and engaging holiday tracks. Here’s another ready-made template where you can add a personal touch to a cheerful greeting, without much need for formality.




Use the text option to narrate your video and express your wishes. Our videos clearly mark where you can add your message. If you want to go above and beyond, copy the video and create personal ones for each of your customers.



We’ve added an assortment of new holiday assets and backgrounds if you want to create your Christmas and New Year’s Greetings from scratch. When you’re finished, send out your video link via email with an image as your main message, embed it on your website, and share it on social media channels.

For more options and ideas visit:


Create your own thoughtful Holiday Card in no time.

Happy Wideoing and Happy Holidays!


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