Internal Communication Video Templates

Which company doesn’t want to increase alignment with their organizational goals and improve engagement in their employees? Using video in your next internal communication strategy is the best way to achieve it and in Wideo we have the solution.

Stop using monotonous written email messages for your company communications, in Wideo we have created a specific template for Internal communications that you will find extremely easy to customize it to your needs. There is no need for any designing or editing experience. In just minutes you will have your video ready to go.


Why do you need an Internal communication video?


Videos are naturally more captivating than other means of communication. Workers are likely to retain 95 percent of a message when they watch a video.

Therefore, use this powerful tool to make announcements, show success metrics from the past term, introduce the new hires or anything you find relevant to communicate.  

Effective video communication will definitely improve your employee engagement. Edit our template to your needs and create your own HR videos for your next internal communication strategy.


Easy-to-use online editor

We know that you don’t have tons of time to create your team communication video, but they’re necessary to improve cooperation amongst co-workers

With our easy to use online editor, you don’t need to have any previous video editing experience to create a great team communication video. Templates are a great way to craft fast and awesome videos and we thought up a very simple editor that you can use to create videos for your company quickly. All you have to do is change the photos, descriptions and think what you want to tell in your next internal communication video.

Free images and music for your Internal Communication video template

We know how difficult and expensive it is to find the right content, which is why we offer you an all-in-one solution with our free content.

We have a vast collection of images and music for your team communication videos. Simply click on the one you want and add it. You can also attach images by searching for them via the Google search that’s integrated into our editor.

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file.

You may want to post the video on a third party platform like YouTube or upload it as an mp4 to your server.

We want to make things easy for you, which is why we provide these options and others available once you’ve finished with your video.

Tips for your Internal Communication Video


High-quality photos

If you want to attract your ideal candidate, your video should be as appealing as possible. To achieve this, you’ll need to select several high-resolution photos.

Use them not only for your internal communication video, but also on all of your social media platforms. Provide the best user experience you can.



Who is your target?

Who are you going to send the video to? It will be used for team communication o for the whole company? It will completely change what the video is going to be about according to your target audience.

It’s crucial to determine that and edit the information taking into account who is going to watch the video.




The goal of the video

Here are some ideas of what you could communicate with your internal communication videos: share best practices and workshops information, events coming soon, new hires, benefits, success metrics, milestones achieved, important announcements, company news, and the list goes on and on.

Be creative with your Internal communication video template!


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Custom Internal communication video template

Do you want to hire a professional to create a custom-made Internal Communication video template for your company?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable video of your own

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How can you communicate effectively?

Most companies are used to communicating via email. In other cases, they have internal systems such as Facebook at Work that allow other communication channels.

The average employee receives more than 30 emails daily. For this reason, HR departments have to find an effective way to communicate. Videos are the most effective way. There are platforms like Wideo that allow you to quickly and cheaply create video content to send to company employees. Ideally, it should be sent through an alternative channel to email, but in case you have to do it by email, it is best to do it with video so that the employee who has to consume that information can do it as quickly as possible.

Why is video effective communication?

Video is a perfect resource for an internal communication strategy.

The main objective of an effective communication strategy is to get the message across in a simple way, without wasting time on employees who are busy with their tasks. The best way to achieve this goal is through videos. The videos should be short, focus on a specific message that manages to captivate the attention of the employee but that allows consuming that information in the shortest possible time. Video content is more effective, employees want more visuals.

What is the role of a communications department?

With the new global paradigm where remote work has grown exponentially, the role of the internal communications department has had to change and adapt.

Keeping the entire company informed and up to date, motivated and productive employees is one of the biggest challenges for the internal communication team.
To achieve their goals, they must seek effective, easy-to-understand communication methods that engage the employees.

The productivity of the company as a whole is increasingly influenced by the quality of communication between teams and employees.

What is an example of internal communication?

Internal communication encompasses many aspects of an organization. Here we share some examples of internal communications videos: