Halloween marks the start of the holiday season and end-of-year spending that will endure beyond St. Patrick’s Day. What better way to kick it off than with spooky fun content for your audience?

The Halloween economy has been steadily growing in the past decade and this year, U.S. spending on candy, costumes, and decorations is expected to total in at around $7 billion. (Fun fact: That includes an estimated $350 million on pet costumes.) That spells a great sales opportunity for retailers, e-commerce, and any business looking to get into the spirit.

How can your business join in on the festivities with a marketing campaign that delights customers? We’ve dug up some inspiring Halloween video ideas that will help engage your audience and boost revenue this exciting shopping season.

1: Event invitation

Will your business be hosting a Halloween party or event this year? Let your guests know what kind of hair-raising tricks and treats they can expect with a perfectly enchanting video invitation. Check out our Halloween-themed graphics library for pumpkins, black cats, cobwebs, cauldrons, eyeballs, and much more—all the perfect ingredients for a frighteningly good video (see below). Share your creation on social media, or sent it straight to your customer’s inboxes.

2: Promotion

It would be a missed marketing opportunity to discount Halloween as a holiday for retailers only. Get in the spirit with a special Halloween sale or product promotion. Try enticing customers by curating a collection of your store’s products (including clothing, home decor, kitchen tools, hardware supplies, etc.) that fit the holiday theme. Tailoring the shopping experience this way not only helps boost sales but also builds brand loyalty in a devilishly creative way.


Halloween Wideo Assets Graphics

Boo! Create a video using Wideo Halloween graphics just like these.

3: Makeup tutorial

Where are people going for costume inspiration? According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, 49% of millennials say they will be searching for costume ideas online. Pinterest and YouTube are goldmines for makeup tutorials, DIY costumes, recipes, and decoration ideas. If you’re a beauty brand, this is the perfect moment to share a freakishly good Halloween video tutorial. Here is some inspiration from Target.

4: Photo slideshow

With Facebook video on the rise, creating Halloween videos for social media will be a key strategy for engaging your audience. Give your customers a treat by showing off the most clever, terrifying, creative costumes from past Halloween parties in a shareable video. Upload your photos into our slideshow templates and let the fun begin!

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5: Company pranks

In 2014, online real estate brand Trulia embraced the spirit of Halloween with its Haunted Open House prank. They planted hidden cameras, falling books, possessed dolls, and other paranormality in an older for-sale home to give unassuming home seekers a fright. The captured reactions were priceless. What made the prank perfect was that it plays off a truth that their target audience is familiar with: When you’re searching for a home, you’re bound to run into a house that gives you the creeps!

Which of these Halloween video treats are you excited to try with your customers? Share your ideas or videos that you’ve done with us in the comments!


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