Creating a company video with Wideo is very easy and intuitive editing a template.

It takes just a few minutes to customize any video template with your own logo, texts and images.

Just take a look at this sort video tutorial and learn how to create your own video in minutes.


See the video below:


Read the Video Transcript:

  • The first thing we have to do is go to the Template Gallery (we upload new templates every month).


  • In this case, I will use our Product Presentation Video Template. Click on “Edit”, and it will open the editor with the template inside, so I can start to edit it.


  • In this particular scene, I won’t change anything, as I like how it welcomes the viewer, so I will go straight to the second scene, where I will double-click on the textI want to change.

I will select this piece of text, and will type my company name.


  • Once you do that, click on “Preview Scene”, you’ll see the text it still animated, but with your custom text.


  • Now I want to include my own logo here, so I’m going to click on this placeholder image. I click on “Swap”, and my finder browser will open up.

Here I can browse through my computer for my own images. I will upload this logo. And that’s it! It changed the original image to my own logo.


  • Play the scene again and the animation is still there. I can scale this if I want as well.


  • Now I will go to Scene 3 and will do the same with this image. In this case, I click on “Swap”, and insert a screenshot of our product.

It uploads to my personal library and at the same time, it replaces the template image placeholder. In this scene, I will also double click the text, select it, and write some lines about my product.


  • Click on “Preview Scene” again and you’ll see that image and text are already animated for you. It’s that easy to edit a template!


  • I can also edit this button with my own CTA button and URL. Just double-click on it or click “Edit” on the button. The button panel will open up. Here, I can type my website URL and change the Call to Action text.

I can also change colours if I want to.


  • In the final scene, I’ll put in my Twitter and Facebook accounts.


  • If I want to check the whole video and how it’s progressing, click on “Preview Wideo” and I’ll see my own product video template made in just a few minutes.

From there, I can just share it with the world – upload to YouTube, download it, share it via a link or embed in my websites.


  • I can also go to My Profile here, click on My Wideos and it will appear here in my own profile.


  • From there I can continue to edit it, clone it for creating a translation or different version. I can also share it from my wideo page.



We hope find this video tutorial useful to improve your video marketing strategy, and ultimately your business as well!

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