Make your presentation stand out and truly captivate your audience

If you want to take your presentations to the next level and start making a real impression on your audience, it’s time to embrace video. Adding video breaks up the monotony of relentless slides and keeps the listener engaged, thus giving your presentation a far stronger impact.

So let’s run through 5 ways video can boost your presentation.

1. Say much more with far less

Presentations can drag when the too much information is crammed into the production and this is an easy trap to fall into when relying on text-only communication. More on often than not, videos can relay information and explain concepts in a far quicker way than words can, so use dynamic moving graphs, animated characters and other multimedia elements to enliven your message. Not only are you simplifying your own job of presenting, but you’re making the content far more enjoyable and digestible for your audience.

2. Break up the flow

To hold people’s attention you need to offer some variety. Heavier parts of your presentation should be followed up with more easy-going videos to keep the audience engaged and on-side. Changing the method of communication makes the overriding message much easier to absorb and deals with the problem of stodgy, data-soaked slides dominating the presentation.

3. Seduce your way to a sale

Surveys show that customers respond far better to video advertisements than to print or banner ones and it is no coincidence that interactive ads are now taking over the web.  Apply these principals to your presentation and your services will look infinitely more attractive. It could be the difference between a sale or even a whole business partnership, so treat your audience like any member of the public and make sure they’re stimulated by your show. Video does the trick.

4. Personalise the presentation

Illicit some emotion in your audience by telling stories and animating your information. We’ve all sat through bland, soulless presentations that espouse hollow business-speak, so don’t fall into that trap. Using some video clips can instil a story-telling element and make the message far more memorable. As humans, we remember people and actions far more easily than text and numbers.

5. Throw in some drama

Black text on white background isn’t exactly a visual treat, and the odd graph doesn’t suddenly make the whole production exciting. But well chosen music, some striking images, and attractive yet subtle use of colour can transform the presentation.

The bottom line?

Few would argue with these principles and thanks to tools like Wideo, it’s so easy to put them into practice. The modern-day speaker no longer has an excuse for churning out unattractive and monotonous presentations when Wideo puts the power of animation in the hands of the amateur. Add video to your presentation today by clicking the link below.

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