A well-functioning social media presence can work wonders for your business. You have already created accounts and profiles to promote your activity on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest… and despite this, your sales are always at the same point.



The e-commerce development company or Magento e-commerce agency must provide a clear answer to this question which, according to some analysis from it, may be found in the level of commitment of your target customers.

All the efforts you make to be present on social networks are ineffective if they do not generate any commitment. The source of your difficulties may be a lack of strategy or a lack of engaging content.


How to create engaging marketing content?

If writing content on social networks can increase its visibility and position itself as an expert, it is important to make readers want to read and therefore to go on your site thereafter.

What you post on social networks must follow a specific editorial line. Publishing and sharing content is good, but relevant content is better because it increases engagement.

So here are some good tips for creating engaging content on social networks.


1. Create content that focuses on the interests of your ideal client.

Defining that content is good or bad is difficult, because it is very much related to your perception of it.

What is considered good and relevant for some will not necessarily be for others! Voting content will be considered relevant if it responds to a nagging request or a need for information.

If you find and create content in accordance with this request, the engagement will surely follow.

Unfortunately, you are not alone on the internet! Therefore having relevant content is not enough, because there are thousands of resources on the internet that can meet the expectations of your ideal client.


2. A new challenge is then outlined, how to attract the attention of your target?

One of the ways you have is to pay attention to your title. It must be neat and engaging, it must clearly describe the information that the user will find in your content.


3. Authenticity of contents

Sometimes it’s important to share a little more personal content than usual, original content. It is necessary to show the human side of your company, its dynamism, because it will create affinity with the Internet users who will feel concerned.

Be light and opt for a humorous tone, which will attract attention and make you laugh.

In addition, do not neglect the visual of your page; it is a major asset essential for a modern and engaging content.


4. Create diverse content

In order not to tire your subscribers, it is very important to vary the contents. So you have to be able to use text, photos, videos, and even gifs.

Today’s user is looking for something new, so if he feels bored by your publications, he will unsubscribe.

It’s no secret that video is a very powerful tool that will allow you to increase your community’s engagement on social networks. To take full advantage of this tool, use a catchy title, a tempting description.

The more your content will generate commitment, the more it will be visible on news feeds of your fans and followers and more it could become viral.


5. Create graphical elements that invite interactivity

If you want your audience to interact with you on social networks, make it easy for them! Integrate graphic and interactive elements into your content.

To do this, you can rely on the tools offered by social networks. For example, with your Facebook page, you can customize the tabs, add visuals or use the applications that are available to you. These tools and applications will help you create more visible and engaging pages for your audience who will be more able to interact with you.

These custom pages can be designed to include a wide variety of features that your target will find, no doubt, interesting.

Once you’ve caught your target’s attention with your content, the second step is to hold your readers, grab their attention long enough for them to read through your prose!

To achieve this, you need an extra boost, a seductive element that will take you to the next stage.


6. Put a personal touch in your content

A good way to boost the engagement on your social networks is to share a little of yourself, to show behind the scenes of your activity or to lift (a little) the veil on your private life.

In general, people who follow you appreciate this type of more personal sharing that generates more engagement.

This strategy is obviously applicable to all social networks, but let’s takes the example of Twitter this time.

Sometimes solo entrepreneurs only put their business name, and their business name on Twitter does not know their name or their first name. This is a shame because sharing your identity is one way to make your account more “human”.

If your Twitter is a collaborative account, you can name the contributors in the bio space.

Participate in conversations, show yourself grateful when people share your content. A simple “thank you” will be appreciated; a response to a message will probably increase the engagement of your audience.

Spice up your tweets with a hint of humor.


7. Create content with your fans

What better way to generate commitment than to involve real people, to make real sharing experiences!

Your best ambassadors are your fans, your customers! Create photo albums, videos highlighting your customers.

Videos in which they use your products, photos on which they have seen them attending your conferences … (Of course, it is advisable to always ask them their authorization).


8. Regular publications

It is important to have a page regularly fed in addition to its diversity, which is why the first essential step before writing content is to create a precise editorial planning.

And it is important to stick to it, because Internet users do not like the pages in disorder all the more as they appreciate the “appointments” daily or weekly.


9. Create gifts, set up contests

To make your content more attractive, you can offer contests, promotions, gifts that will interest your ideal customer enough to join you.

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10. Quality rather than quantity

While the amount of posts published is important, but the quality is even better.

The goal is to create an appointment for users. The fewer posts there are, the more it will make people want to watch them because it’s well known, “Too much information, kill information”.

It’s better to have a small audience that is interested and share your content, rather than an impressive number of subscribers disappointed with your posts. So be simple and authentic, and post QUALITY content!


11. Participatory content

Involve your users in your publications to create proximity with them because if they do not feel engaged then they will have no interest in following you.

So you will show that you have a close relationship with your subscribers and they will all the more interest to continue to follow you. So ask questions, respond to comments… Do everything you can to make your community feel connected to you.



We can say that being present on social networks is not enough to improve your visibility if there is no commitment.

Without interaction with your target audience, without commitment on your part, your efforts will be useless.

By taking the decision to register on social networks, put in place a strategy that will allow you to generate maximum commitment!

Junaid Ali Qureshi

An e-commerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.com, Progos Tech, Titan Tech, and Smart Marketing.

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