You drive 50% more viewer traffic to your website by incorporating an explanatory video.

That’s a lot of traffic. Videos are proven to catch your viewer’s attention. By using an explanatory video, you will not only project your business’s message, but also keep up with the continually gaining momentum of online video. With more people choosing to view videos rather than read written content.

Now all you need is to find someone to do it. The problem is fees range from $5,000-$20,000 for a simple two minute video. Solution: just make an explanatory Wideo yourself! Oh yeah…and it’s free.

Just making a video of your business isn’t what will make you stand out from the crowd. To create a successful explanatory video, it must be clear, direct , entertaining and, most of all, end with a call to action for your viewers.

So let’s show you how easy it is to make an explanatory Wideo! Lets get started:

Create a Theme: Browse through our objects library located in the platform and gather ideas of what characters, colors and the overall theme you want to convey in your Wideo. Remember that a clear message should flow like a story with a beginning, middle and end, so once you make a decision STICK WITH IT.

Layout Your Story: Start with an introduction or by asking a question that you will answer throughout the video. Place the font and characters that you want into the scene and then move on the next scene. It is best to not animate until the end, until after the layout of the Wideo is created. This will organize the actions of the video and make it easier for cohesive animations.

Bring the Video to Life: Now return to the first the scene and begin to animate your objects. Here is the time to change the size, the movements of characters, and the duration of each scene. Keep in mind that even though Wideo is incredibly easy, it is essential to take your time with each animation. The more time you spend on your video, the more intricate you can make the details.

Finalize Your Explanatory Wideo: Play your video multiple times and tweak the animations and, most importantly, make sure that your message is clear and drives your viewers to a plan of action, meaning to a website, email, book an appointment, you name it.

Publish and Embed your Wideo on your Website or anywhere you like, then enjoy your awesome and informative Wideo.

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