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We are all used to seeing (and a little overwhelmed by) PowerPoint presentations. Because it’s a simple presentation program that people are used to, they end up making their presentations there. And if you’re looking for an innovative design, you’ll find that all of the presentation tools on the market are very complex.

With Wideo you can create innovative, high-impact business presentations without having to resort to complex programs or outsourcing the production of your presentations.

Don’t get stressed over your presentation deadline

Deadlines for presentations are usually tight and we’re always running behind when it comes to making the deadline. We know that this can be very stressful and think that the solution is a presentation tool that can help solve problems quickly and easily.

With Wideo you can reuse any of our video templates or scene templates, meaning you’ll only have to focus on the content of your presentation without wasting time on design or animation.

Powerful Business Presentation Tool

With Wideo you can create both video presentations and slide presentations.

Easily turn a presentation into an animated video, and vice versa.

Each video can also be transformed into a slideshow presentation with the click of a button: just hit the Presentation Mode button on the video player and each video scene will be converted into slides!

Most Popular Business Presentation Templates

Customizing videos with our Presentation Tool is so simple

Business Video Template Presentation

Business Video Template Presentation


Business Video Template Presentation

Create a Professional Video for your Business with this Template. To be used on your landing page, social networks, and marketing campaigns.

Metrics Presentation Video Template

Metrics Presentation Video Template


Metrics Presentation Video Template

Marketing Plan Video Presentation

Marketing Plan Video Presentation


Marketing Plan Video Presentation

How does Wideo work?

How to make a business presentation?

Start from scratch or pick a video template design
Upload your own images, logo, and colors to personalize your video project. Choose from a library of charts, graphs and image styles.

Get creative!
Our click and drag tools make animating a cinch.

Stuck on an idea? Check out our video tutorials and blog for inspiration
and to keep your creativity flowing.

Share your presentation
Embed your video on your website, share it on social media or link to it in an email message.
It’s that easy!

Custom-made Business Presentation

Do you need to hire a professional to create a custom-made business presentation video for your company?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable presentation video of your own.

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Luciano Menéndez

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