The first three seconds of a video are crucial. In this very short lapse of time, the viewer’s brain will decide whether he will keep watching or leave for something more interesting. Just as I’m trying to keep your attention right now with this first paragraph, your video intro should be fighting to do the same.

Here I give you the 5 tips I believe are most important when making a logo animation for the start of your product video. Following these steps should help you create an opening sequence with the killer punch needed to keep viewers on board.

Agus Esperón Co Founder & Head of UX/Design @agustinesperon


It’s always a good idea to watch as many logo animation intros as you can. You’ll learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t just by peeking on others, and you’ll also notice a whole load of useful resources that you may not have been aware of before.

To get you going on your watching mission, here’s a little inspiration:


Think what your company stands for and how you can portray this in the logo animation. Is it professional, creative, fun? Your brand animation can ‘behave’ in certain ways, emphasizing the feelings you want your company to be identified with.


Build up curiosity, make the viewer want to see more. Remember, we are talking about a few seconds so each frame counts.

It’s a good idea to avoid showing the whole logo at once. You can make each part appear sequentially or perhaps show a small detail then reveal the logo piece-by-piece.


Make your logo animation dynamic to capture and (once more) maintain the attention of your viewer. Show your brand but also entertain in some way; it’s important to keep the viewer’s eyes and brain working and to be giving a positive impression. You basically want the viewer to be thinking, “I can’t afford to miss what’s going to happen next?”

It is always a good idea to animate each letter, sign or icon of the logo separately. In Wideo, you can upload the letters one by one to give them independent movement.


Try to keep your intro animation under 10 seconds long. In the age of the internet and constant media consumption, attention spans are plummeting, so the shorter your video the better.

“Bonus tip”: Most intros end with the logo on a black or dark background. It’s not a rule, but it stands out better and keeps you in sync with the industry – something that helps project professionalism from your organization.

So get started creating your intro logo animation with Wideo today – just follow the link below.

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