“Since using Wideo, we’ve increased our design team’s productivity by 70%. With Wideo we can shorten our product launch cycle.”



Ameen Noorul  UX Design Lead

When collaborating with clients and multiple teams on a project, simple and clear communication helps lead to amazing results. Using videos is one major way to achieve effective communication.

Each phase of a project requires presenting ideas, exchanging information, and sharing feedback. Video—in the form of tutorials, explainers, or other relevant formats—condenses complicated ideas and allows your business to be more productive.

WaveMaker uses Wideo’s video tool to communicate better with their clients. Read their story below.


WaveMaker is an application development software platform. Their design team needed a more efficient way to communicate with clients during the project development of a new application—and increase productivity.


Now, WaveMaker can address frequently asked questions with the explainer videos they create using Wideo. “We chose Wideo over other vendors because of its flexibility & DIY nature —you don’t have to be a great design professional to create business-friendly explainer videos. With Wideo we can explain a long story in a couple of minutes” says Noorul.

This leaves more time for them to tend to the unique needs of each client project, deepen customer relationships, and ultimately, launch products faster.


Since WaveMaker integrated video into their communication, their design team’s productivity has increased by 70%.

With Wideo, the company can leverage visually engaging video to connect with new clients and delight their existing ones.

Ideas for communicating better with clients video

No matter your industry or company size, video content can play a role in improving your communication and elevating your business. With some planning, producing video is seamless with our template library. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

Start with an intro — An explainer video provides an overview of your business, your employees, the services you provide, and how they help your customers. It’s the perfect introduction to make in your onboarding email campaign or whatever channels you use to build customer relationships.

Create a tutorial video series — A video series (such as tutorials or webinars) addresses many different frequently asked topics for people who are new to your business and those who are already familiar with it. They are also a great educational resource for guiding people through the customer journey.

Case study video — Inspire people by showing them an example of how your business has helped other customers with needs similar to theirs. A case study video shows that you understand how to create results for your audience.

Show some personalityClient communication doesn’t have to be entirely instructive. Use videos to show your brand culture and personalities.

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