If you’ve decided to work with an agency,  marketing freelancer, or even with your own marketing department to create a video for your business, congratulations! Video marketing has become the leader in advertising in today’s digital age, and you will soon be a part of it.

The first step in this process is writing a video brief to aid developers in creating a dynamic, engaging product that will exceed expectations. A well-written brief can save you time, money and trouble along the way, as well as let designers know just what it is you’re looking for. But how do you go about creating the perfect video brief? Below we’ve listed the essentials to ensure your brief is its very best.

Remember to Keep It Brief, Literally

First things first. Being thorough with necessities and expectations of the video doesn’t require its own novel. Focus on being concise and brief with the proposal, just as the name suggests. A short paragraph for each essential item or a list of main ideas will do just fine.

Provide Necessary Background Info

In order to create the best final product, developers must understand your brand or business. It is essential to include a link to your website, relevant background information, your brand’s message, and important facts. Answer questions like: What does your company do? Are you a start-up or established business? Focus on key elements and important milestones in your company’s history.

Name The Must-Haves

A few bullet points will do the trick here. Determine who your target audience is — be it current or potential customers, stock holders, employees— and state what message you are trying to get across. Be wary of incorporating too many ideas in one video. The result often has an adverse effect and leaves viewers confused.

Consider Style

Providing examples of other videos is a good way to let videographers know what tone to use when developing your video. What is the personality of your brand? Do you want the current brand’s style to be translated in your video, or perhaps you would like to try something new? How do you want it to be narrated? Developers may also suggest styles that could best fit your brand and objective.

Create A List Of Expectations

Creating a list of details that the final product should include and what you would define as success will help guarantee good results. What are the goals of the video? Communicate with the developers to make your desires known. If it is your first time creating a video, let them know, as they can help to guide you in the video-making process.

State Your Budget

Have an idea of what you would like to spend. The production team will be realistic about what they are able to do within your budget.

Set A Deadline

State clear deadlines to ensure the video will be finished on time. If there is a specific date you need it to be aired, communicate that to developers.

Guest Article written by Alicia Hutzler. See more of her work at www.alihutzler.com
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