A great product presentation blends two important components: the presenter’s delivery of the information and the visuals that illustrate it.

Pitching your product ideas to investors and colleagues means packaging information into a presentation that persuades your audience to take action. This is what ultimately makes a successful presentation.

So what steps can you take to create a great product presentation?

Be straightforward.

Being clear about what your product is and how it helps your viewers is they key to capturing people’s attention and maintaining it. People are not likely to engage with the presentation in the first place if they’re not clear what it is, and more importantly, why it’s relevant. It can be hard to be straightforward and showcase value, so you might want to consider to hire presentation writing services for the best results.

How would you describe your product or service? Trim that description down to the essentials. Buzzwords or jargon can add a flashy element, but in a presentation that is meant to be precise, they can create confusion for the audience or even detract them from your business.

Try breaking up your presentation into more scenes to highlight certain words or ideas. Use visuals to complement your message in the right moments so that the viewer leaves the presentation with a clear idea of who your are, what you do and how, and why your business over the competition.

Pro-tips for an understandable, focused presentation:

  1. Start with Why, Who, What
  2. Avoid buzzwords

Be memorable.

A clear but catchy presentation is a memorable one. Leave the audience with a clear takeaway. What major problem does your product solve? Instead of listing features that solve this problem, show them how.

It helps to think of your product presentation as a story to tell. You’re not just presenting facts; you’re narrating the story of the ways your product fixes a pain for the viewer. By breaking it down into a beginning, middle, and conclusion, you allow the audience to develop an understanding of what your business is about.

Pro-tips for a memorable presentation:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Don’t list features, build a narrative with the benefits
  3. Use animations for visual impact

Be emotional.

What I mean is: Relate to your audience’s emotions; don’t just tell them a list of facts. Your product presentation can have statistics, charts, and data visualization, however, if it doesn’t appeal to emotions, chances are it will fail to inspire any sort of action from the viewer. Emotional connection is what brings your presentation to life and what ultimately moves people.

Pro-tips for creating emotion:

  1. Use anecdotes or a real-life story to tie your themes together
  2. Match the design and feel of product presentation to the tone of your presentation

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