“We increased our productivity by 96% with Wideo. We also saw that video posts in LinkedIn converted 4x better than plain text or image posts.”

Maria Sundström  Head of Sales & Co-founder at Liid


Website video introduces people to your company in one of the first places they make contact with your brand online. Today, video is essential to shaping the tone and experience from your company website, to your social media pages.


Whether you’re publishing a Snapchat-exclusive behind-the-scenes video, or teasing followers with a creative video concept on Instagram, social video provides a way to start conversation and spark interest among people who organically discover your content and loyal followers alike.


Liid, a mobile application, has been using Wideo to create video for their LinkedIn page to do just that. But video hasn’t just helped them increase engagement and conversions on social media. It’s also streamlined the way they communicate internally.

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The Challenge

Liid is a mobile application that sends information from client calls, emails, and meetings to customer relationship management (CRM) software.


Liid faced two main problems. They were experiencing low conversion rates in their social media campaigns. Their employees were also spending a lot of time training users how to use their mobile app.


The Solution: How Liid uses video for social media

LinkedIn is the main social media platform that Liid uses to connect with their customers. Creating video on Wideo allows them to post visual content catered for their audience, in addition to text and image posts.


Liid also uses Wideo to create training videos like the one below that save time for both their employees and customers.


The Results

Liid’s top converting content on LinkedIn are videos.  “When we used the videos in our LinkedIn campaigns, we found that video posts converted 4x better than plain text or image posts,” says Maria Sundström, Head of Sales & Co-founder.


With Wideo, it takes only 5 minutes to send a training video to their clients compared to the 5 30-minute training sessions per week they performed previously. As a result, Liid increased their productivity by 96%.


Pro tips: Ideas for social video

Liid uses video in their LinkedIn page to promote their application direct customers to their website. Here are some types of video to inspire fresh content for your digital marketing strategy.

Animated GIFs — Watch our tutorial to learn how to create bite-sized animated GIF images with Wideo (template included).


Customer-generated content — In an increasingly connected world, word-of-mouth marketing remains a powerful way to encourage customers to share video content.


Shoppable video — See how brands are getting creative with interactive video that customers can shop from.
Want to get inspired by other ways businesses use Wideo?




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