With video content and especially personalized video, timing is crucial for getting people to watch and take action. However, identifying these customer moments is not always clear-cut. Even the distance between the top of the funnel and the middle of the funnel is full of steps that can lead to the next one—or lead people out of your marketing funnel completely.  

So how should your SaaS company approach video creation in the face of the many twists and turns that a buyer’s journey can take? Start by zooming out on the stages of the sale funnel. Then, consider the existing steps in your funnel where not enough people are following through on that call-to-action. That is where your business can make the most of a customer decision-making moment with traditional and personalized video.


Whether your target customer found your company through a Facebook ad or a Google search, they’ve entered the awareness stage the moment they click on your name to learn more. How can you provide them with the general but straightforward information they’re looking for?

A short and eye-catching explainer or homepage video is a compelling way to get people to stick around and most importantly, shows people what your business is all about. (After all, the play button is considered a powerful CTA on its own.) It also gives people something more than just website copy: a visualization of what exactly your SaaS does for them.

How homepage video improves the funnel: Decreased high bounce rate and increased time on page.


By the time customers have entered the consideration stage, they have seen your content (including videos and blog posts) and have a broad idea of the benefits your SaaS provides. Now, they’re ready to learn specifics such as the details of how your software works in order to compare your business with the competition.

While an explainer video is effective at relaying the broad strokes, videos focusing on reviews/testimonials, FAQs, or other common needs are effective at convincing people of your deeper value. At this point, your videos can also be more detailed and longer in length because viewers are already familiar with the brand. They should also have clear calls to action propelling people to take the next step.

How reviews/testimonials and FAQ videos improve the funnel: Increased demonstrated interest in the form of watch time, audience retention; increased conversions and signups.


When prospective customers are ready to convert, reinforcing their decisions with personalized video in email campaigns, pricing or checkout pages, and other pages with clear CTAs can help get them there faster.

During the decision stage, your sales team will also know more about their leads to better sell them directly. One idea is sending them a personalized video introduction of your team. This kind of human touch can have a direct impact on conversions. In fact, after we started using personalized video in our top landing page, conversions increased by 106%.

Depending on your business and sales strategy, using personalized video at the top of the funnel can also be an essential tactic for courting new prospects.

How personalized videos in email campaigns, pricing or checkout pages, and other page with clear CTAs improve the funnel: Increased email open and click-through rates, increased time on page, increased signups or conversions.


After converting a customer, your marketing efforts will turn to retaining them. Try using product demos videos, webinars, testimonial videos, and other types of traditional and personalized video in email campaigns to continue proving your company’s unique value.
These videos can be longer in length and even more tuned into specific needs because you’re speaking to an audience that has already demonstrated their interest. Now, give them reasons to demonstrate their loyalty, too.

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