Testimonial video template

Video is one of the most powerful marketing and sales tools you can include on your website and social media. Customer testimonials video have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing. However, they are not easy to make.

That’s why Wideo created a Testimonial Video Template that will get the attention of your potential clients, building trust, increasing their engagement and consequently your sales.

Enjoy the benefits of video using Wideo editor!

Why do you need a Testimonial video?

Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for building brand credibility and for converting leads.

Here are some reasons why: Video is twice as shareable as text. It builds trust and credibility. It increases referrals and creates emotional appeals… and the list could go on and on, but we want you to try this tried and true method with your business.

Regardless of the industry your work in, anyone can enjoy the benefits of the best testimonial video template the world has to offer.

Start creating your own now!

Easy-to-use online editor

Used in the right way, a customer testimonial video can work wonders for your business. However, it’s very possible that you’re unsure of how to create a proper one. That’s where Wideo comes in. Our template has simplified everything for you. You just need to change the logo and some texts. Then have an interesting client tell their experience and your professional looking video will be ready to go.

The editor is super easy to use and you don’t need any prior video editing experience. Enjoy!

Free images and music for your testimonial videos

With Wideo editor, finding the ideal images and music for your video is super easy. Our free library has tons of high-quality content to match what you have to offer.

We know how difficult and expensive it is to find the right content for your business, which is why we offer you an all-in-one solution with our free content. You can also add images to your Testimonial video by searching for them via the Google search that’s inside of our editor.

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file

Share your video straight to your YouTube channel or download it as an MP4 file so that you can share it on different social networks and use it in your ads.

Tips for your Testimonial Video

High-quality photos

Choosing the best images for your video is a very important element if you want to captivate your target audience. The images you choose have to transmit the message you want to send. This is the most important part of the video. So you should use photos that are impressive and engaging.

Be creative and innovative with what you are showing.

Who is your client?

What type of person is most likely to enjoy what you have to offer? One of the biggest mistakes different businesses make is trying to appeal to everyone.

Always keep the potential customer in mind and use photos and text based on who you’re targeting.

The goal of the video

It is brand awareness? Is it to interact with potential clients? Is it to share the testimonials and experiences people have?

As you are creating a testimonial video, you should think about a clear and effective call-to-action. What do you want the viewers to do once they see the video?

Testimonial Video: real example

There are many great reasons to create a customer testimonial video for your business. Regardless of the size of your company, the product or service you sell, here is a great example of a real Testimonial Video.

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Custom Video Production Services

Do you want to hire a professional to create a custom-made Testimonial video?

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