For the sales team of start up SaaS companies, visual content helps makes a memorable impression during one of the moments people are most likely to take notice: during the start of the sales funnel.

How can you create that memorable impression in today’s noisy social media-driven digital world? By building interest and maintaining intrigue early in the customer’s journey—and personalized video is becoming an essential tactic for doing so.

There are many ways you can personalize video to pique interest and close the deal. Here are some ideas to test in your sales process.

The Cold Call Video (Outbound Prospecting)

So you have a clear idea of who your target audience is. The problem is, convincing them why your business is right for them when they don’t know who you are.

How can I use personalized video?

The personalized video that you use for reaching out to new prospects will build the first blocks of the customer relationship. Focus your video’s call to action around completing an action whether it’s scheduling a meeting or filling out a form.

Define your customer’s number one pain point. When you know this, you will better understand who decides whether or not to use your product/service and how you can tailor your video communication. Your video content should hit the most important pain points.

  1. Make a list (spreadsheets are a good option for staying organized) of these decision makers and include data such as their name, email, LinkedIn profile picture, etc. Use this data to personalize your videos.
  2. Start a conversation by emailing people their personalized videos.
  3. Offer to schedule a call, do a demo, or continue the conversation elsewhere — whatever path leads you to close the prospects!

The Prospect Nurturing Video

Many times, potential customers get busy and communication can get lost. Reign prospects back in by nurturing them with a personalized greeting.

How can I use personalized video?

Nurturing is an ongoing process; it’s worth experimenting with different video communications to determine what is most effective. A video communication encouraging people to learn more is a simple way to start.

  1. Address your video to prospects who may have filled out a form or emailed your sales team, but got lost along the way.
  2. Keep your video short so that viewers grasp the main idea within the first few seconds.
  3. Encourage people to set up a call and make it easy for them to complete the action.

The Sales Closing Video

How you follow up a positive sales call or demo shows people what they can expect when they become a customer.

How can I use personalized video?

Personalization helps continue growing trust and encourages people to feel even more comfortable with your business. Sending personalized video with follow up emails can improve your closing rate.

  1. Create a video that addresses your audience’s pain points and talk about how your product/service can solve them.
  2. Show a little bit more personality by introducing your prospects to the people that will be handling their customer support or designing their video communication.
  3. Send your videos to people who are ready to close a deal or have expressed doubts in order to convince them.

Case Study

After we started using personalized video in our top landing page, conversions increased by 106%.

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