Successful landing pages share many of the same ingredients. A careful blend of clear call to action, sense of urgency, trust signals, and relevant visuals and copy hold great influence over how long people stick around your website.

Video encompasses all these elements; when done right, it can increase your landing page conversions and overall engagement.


Personalized experiences make a difference

Whether your landing page targets top of the funnel visitors with explainer video, or even existing customers as part of a nurturing campaign, personalized video can be a game changer. Videos that use data to address people by their name or specific needs go beyond traditional video to win people’s trust; and that deeper connection leaves a powerful impressionIn fact, after we started using personalized video in our top landing page, conversions increased by 106%.

Place your star video front and center

The area above the fold of any landing page is prime real estate. It’s where people’s eyes fall when they first land on a website so it’s also generally where they decide whether or not to keep reading. If your landing page has multiple videos, put the video that you want everyone to see here. The placement of the video alone tells people: watch me to know everything you need to know about our business.

Test your thumbnail

It’s not enough to feature a video in a prominent spot. The video’s thumbnail also tells people something essential about its content: here’s a look at how this video will tell you what you need to know.

Your thumbnail can be a static image (usually of the video’s most visual scene) or a looping video. Both types of thumbnail should also have an overlaying play button. There are many opportunities to test what imagery and image type makes the most compelling thumbnail—test to find out what that is for your video.


Test your video size

Your video size is related to its placement. Should your video span the width and height of the area above the fold? Or is it better off to the side? It depends on the remaining elements of your landing page.

If you have a text blurb or customer testimonial people need to see in order to understand the overall context of the video or page, then compose the content in a way that compels people to read first and watch the video second. The idea is to create a flow of information that doesn’t overwhelm people, leading them to click off the page.

Tease your video with a clear title and description

Having a clear title and description with relevant keywords creates SEO value. It also builds the necessary intrigue for people to hit play. Try writing an aspirational title that help people create an emotional connection with your service or product. To create contrast and support the title, use a description that appeals to their sense of logic. Spell out exactly how your business benefits them, for example.

Use consistent call to actions

Does your video CTA refer to a contact or signup form? Use the same CTA throughout the landing page so that it’s clear what step people should take next. If your CTAs aren’t aligned, you risk losing people along the way.

Keep it as simple as possible

Your video and landing page should have one goal. However, there are situations where offering more than one CTA option or even sharing buttons (as opposed to using just one CTA) can lead to more conversions. How can you be sure if your landing page is one of those situations? Try performing an A/B test.

For more information and examples visit our video template of the week: Real Estate Video

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