This fade animation is simple yet highly visual element to incorporate into your video design. Use it to make a shape fade into another color, then fade back to its original color. Here it is in action:

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How to do it

This effect is really simple: we will be working with 2 objects (in this case 2 circles) and just one of them will have an automatic In/Out effect. No keyframe animations here! You can watch the video tutorial or scroll down for the text version.

1. Insert any shape or object into your wideo workspace that you want to fade into a different color.

 2. Clone your shape and change its color to pink. Make sure they’re aligned, then send the second object to the back so that your first object appears on top.

Fade animation step 3a

 3. This is when it all comes together. Select the pink circle (the second object) and set its “In” effect to “Fade”. Move the “In” effect a few seconds further down the timeline. Then set the “Out” effect to “Fade” to make your object fade back into its original color. Lastly, adjust both effects so they’re a few seconds apart; your timeline should look something like this:

fade animation step 3

Note: If you don’t want your object to fade back, don’t set an “Out” effect.

4. Finally, preview your scene. Adjust the In/Out effects in the timeline as you see fit.

Your results should look just like the example:

Re-Use this Effect

That’s it! Now you know how to make objects fade/change colors. Test this effect out with any shapes or colors!

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