Top Content Marketing Tools

Why you should be doing Content Marketing

In today’s world, companies compete for people’s attention. Especially online, where there is this exchange of values. Brands get attention and in return, they provide information, entertainment, education, resources, etc. At the end of the day, it is up to you to identify what your target audience wants from you, and give it to them. Enter Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is the production and distribution of content with the purpose of adding the previously mentioned value to your audience. A properly executed content strategy will help you with:

  1. Lead Generation 
  2. Improved Conversions
  3. Increased Customer Retention

You have a few options when it comes to the type of content you can make. Which one you use will depend on your brand, and your audience’s interest, among other things.

Types of Content

Not all content is created equal. There is:

1. Written content (blogs, reports, case studies, email, social media copy,  SMS Marketing, etc)
2. Visual content (images, videos, infographics)
3. Audio content (Podcasts, blog narrations, etc)

In a perfect world, you could focus on all of them, but you are better off picking the ones that make the most sense to you right now. You should also consider mixing them. For example, You can add a video to your blog, or your email marketing campaigns. This is encouraged since using video has proved to improve conversions in blogs and click-through rates in email marketing.
Now that you know what types of content you could be producing, check out the tools that will help you to do so.


Top Content Marketing Tools

Written Content Tools

  1. Grammarly
    Nobody likes reading a text with spelling errors and grammar mistakes. This writing software will help you to avoid these. You can write the text on their website or add it as an extension to your browser, and it can also be integrated with Gmail. FOR FREE. There are some paid options if you need more. But the free version is a must-have.
    Price: Free



  2. is an efficient AI-based tool that helps you paraphrase your marketing content without affecting its actual intent. This online tool will help you to get an improved and readable version of your marketing content in an effective yet simple way.
    Price: Freemium
  3. Google Docs
    The beauty of this free resource provided by Google is that: You can share your work with your team and give feedback on the same document. And it automatically saves your work on the cloud. There is nothing worse than forgetting to save your work and losing it.
    Price: Free
  4. Ahrefs keyword research tool
    Keywords are the terms or phrases people type in a search engine like google to find the information they are looking forEx: ¨Animated video maker¨

    Keyword research is important because it helps you to understand what topics and questions people are searching for. Which will help you to plan your content strategy from an audience need´s perspective. Increasing your chances of people finding your website. Ahrefs also helps you assess your website´s SEO and conduct competitor research.
    Price: $99month.
  5. Google Keyword Planner: If you need to do keyword research on a budget, this free resource offered by Google is your best option. It is not as accurate as a paid tool like Ahrefs but is still effective.



Visual Content Tools

1. Canva
It is a very easy-to-use editing software with a freemium model, so if you are starting from scratch or have basic editing skills it is a great tool for you.
Price: Free (upgrade available)

2. Vsco
Great if you are editing from your smartphone. Very helpful for pictures meant to be used in your social media.
Price: Free


3. Wideo
It is an easy-to-use animated video editor that helps you save time and money on your video content strategy with a simple interface and ready-to-use templates created by professionals. Great for someone who needs high-quality videos but is not an expert graphic designer or an experienced video editor.


Audio content Tools

  1. Text To Speech
    This software will help you to add audio to any of your written content for free. Just copy and paste the text on the converter and download it as an MP3.
    Price: Free



  2. Adobe Audition
    Is a great audio recording and editing software. It also has several tutorials to help you get the hang of it.
    Price: $20.99 per Month 


Final Tip for Your Content Strategy

At the end of the day, it is all a matter of how you are gonna add value to your target audience. Get to know them, be genuine and then say what you have to say.

   Agus Esperón

    Wideo Co-Founder & Head of UX/Design


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