“With Wideo we reduced 90% of production costs for our internal promotional videos.”


Yolanda Verveer-Born  Strategy & Innovation at Randstad Group

In many ways, it’s easy to see why the rise of online video has been so rapid and widespread. Video makes information live and breath, making it easier to capture attention and delight customers ways that static content can’t. But customers aren’t the only ones that increasingly prefer watching a video over reading through a whole article.

Video can help cut through the noise for your employees, too. A recent study from research firm Melcrum found that 93% of internal communication teams believe that video has become a vital part of internal communication.

Considering all the ways that video has helped changed the way people tell stories online, it’s worth exploring what it can do offline for your company’s internal communications. We talked to Randstad Group, a human resource consulting firm that uses Wideo to produce videos, and they shared with us the results they’ve achieved using video to enhance communication with their teams and clients.

The Challenge

While Randstad’s online video strategy centers around promotional video targeted towards a global audience, their internal video communication is essential for keeping clients always up-to-date.

They needed a tool that allowed them to produce a large volume of videos more efficiently.

The Solution

Randstad now uses Wideo to create videos presentations on business strategy decisions for clients and colleagues, as well as to create online videos, enhancing both their internal communications and digital strategy.

With Wideo, they can make edits or updates to their numerous video communications when needed, a flexibility that they didn’t have when they outsourced their video production.

The Results

Since using Wideo to create videos, Randstad has reduced their video production costs by 90% compared to working with traditional video animation solutions.

“With Wideo we reduced 90% of production costs for our internal promotional videos,” says Yolanda Verveer-Born, Strategy & Innovation at Ranstad.


Pro tips: Video ideas

Internal communication videos shouldn’t be limited to employee training. Here are some ideas for using video to deepen client relationships and strengthen company culture among colleagues.

CEO Message — These messages help to build transparency and trust among teams.

Company Updates — Keep your team members informed on what’s happening in the company, from new hires to upcoming events.

Milestones — Celebrate both individual and company achievements as a community.

Get more ideas here.

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