Wondering how and when you should use video?

Here’s 8 situations where a little animation can bring your work to life.

Studies have shown just how much more our brains engage with visual content compared to plain old text, and easy-to-make videos from Wideo can captivate your audience whatever the message. From pitching and selling to teaching and greeting, Wideo is the ultimate weapon. So let’s take a look at the multitude of ways you can use video.

1. Explainer videos

Summing up your business in just a few words, and at the same time doing it justice, can be an almighty challenge. We’ve all read ‘About us’ sections that leave you with more questions than answers, and failing to educate your audience can cost your business before you’ve even got near the negotiation table.

Use video to solve this problem. Wideo’s clear, attractive animations deliver your message in a succinct and entertaining way, getting to the heart of what your business is about in half the time a wordy paragraph would.

Check out this fine example from wisewords.co:

2. Selling your services

Making a video to flaunt your services enables you to speak to customers who your sales team may not be able to meet in person. Slick, impressive sales Wideos can expand your reach and woo your clients in an extremely cost-effective way. Don’t let a shortage of man-power stunt your growth, use video to tell the world what your company offers.

3. Perfect pitches

However experienced your pitcher, a single person delivering a presentation can become monotonous, especially when you’re restricted to verbal communication and uninspiring Powerpoint slides. Punctuating your pitch with short Wideos adds life and colour to the presentation, making your message clearer and more appealing.

Fallon Health are among those who have harnessed some video power for their pitches:

 4. Boosting an email marketing strategy

Nailing your email marketing strategy is becoming more difficult than ever in a saturated online market, so make sure your offering is that bit more engaging than the rest. Use video for each mail out to transform your output and have clients actually getting excited each time your messages land in their inbox.

No-one wants to be swamped by excessively wordy emails amid a hectic working day, so let your recipient sit back and enjoy a Wideo. You’re much more likely to get that all-important reply in return.

5. Lighting up the classroom

What better way to spice up your lesson than with custom-made Wideos for students to enjoy during, and after class? Whether its complex theories for the university lecture theatre or a fun story for school kids, making a video can take your teaching to the next level. What’s more, your classroom Wideo can be uploaded online so it’s always available and ready to reference for students.

Here’s a little inspiration from teacher and Wideo user Melia Cuenca, who created this gem for her science pupils:

 6. Shining on the trade show floor

If you’ve ever been to a busy trade show you’ll know just how hard it can be to distinguish one booth from another and remember what everyone was actually offering. Don’t let your presence at the next event go unnoticed; use video to screen rolling clips at the front of your booth, grabbing the attention of passers-by and showing everyone what you’re all about. Even when you’re networking away from the booth, your Wideo can do the explaining for you.

7. Birthday greetings

Something as inherently fun as a Wideo should not be restricted to business-use only. Create your own greetings card in minutes using Wideo, and make it a lot more fun than those drab e-cards your relatives have sent you over the years. The array of animations and affects at your disposal, plus the ability to upload the accompanying song of your choice, helps you create the best e-card your friend or family member has ever received.

I doubt Lizzy, for example, has had many better birthday messages than this, courtesy of her sister Kathy:

8. Stealing social media limelight

Nowhere is effective visualization more relevant than the attention-seeking battleground of social media. If you want eyes and cursors to stop on your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ posts, you need to use video effectively and have something visually appealing on offer.  A short, sharp and fun Wideo will increase interest and engagement no end.

The bottom line…

Increasing the cash flow is of course the bottom line and if you use video in the right way, that’s exactly what will happen. Put together some slick Wideos and interest, understanding and engagement with your company or service will grow. And when this happens, the revenue takes care of itself. Anyone can use video with Wideo, so what are you waiting for? Get creating!

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