Hey there Wideo(ers)!  Now that its the New Year we want to make sure you achieve your resolutions with the help of Wideo!  So, here are some helpful tips and tricks to guide your Wideo experience.  And,  if it makes it seem cooler, let’s call these helpful tips the secret codes to Wideo! Either way, always remember that if you ever have a question using our tool, please email the founders directly, because we’d love to help you out.

Email: founders@wideo.co.

Here are the “secret” tips to Wideo

Tip 1: Need to delete something? You can always delete scenes by selecting the one you want to erase, and clicking the trash icon in the scenes tab, or by dragging it out of the panel.

Tip 2: Did you know you can clone your scenes to make a similar scene as your previous one?  All you need to do is click the clone button located in the bottom right corner of each scene.  This tool will really come handy when you tell a Wideo story!

Tip 3: Don’t forget to set your scene transitions – you know when one scene goes to the next. You can do this by clicking slides near the bottom, then click on the round button in between the scenes and select the transition of your choice. Press play to preview it of course.

Tip 4: Make sure to stop by our objects library.  We are adding new awesome objects daily! Just click the arrow on the right side of the objects box to check out our new additions.

DANGER – Advanced Wideo Tips! Read at your own risk.

Tip 5: Try our hand tool when you need to zoom out or create a large object. For example, when you have a very big object and you want to animate it from outside of the canvas. The hand tool will make it easy to work with objects not directly in the scene.

Tip 6: For longer videos, the best way to make them fluid is to design static scenes or screens first (as you do in PowerPoint), and then animate last. This makes it easier overall to animate the object.

Tip 7: Want to animate to the extreme?  Well try to combine a “manual” animation  with an “in/out” automatic animation – you may come up with an awesome new animation.

Alright Wideo(ers), there are your secret Wideo tips. We want to wish you a happy Wideo New Year, and we look forward to the Wideos you are going to share with us in 2013! 

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