The vision our founders Agu De Marco and Agus Esperon had in mind back in 2012 when they created Wideo was simple: make animated video production accessible to anyone who has a message or story to tell.

Fast forward to today and over one million people from all over the world use Wideo to lead classroom lectures, launch their start-up, and create marketing campaigns.


We see your feedback and wideo creations as they come in.

They show us the incredible difference that video can make in the way you communicate—no matter the budget size nor how simple or elaborate the project.


Whether you’ve just joined us or you’ve been with us since our early days, thank you for being part of the Wideo community!

The same purpose with which we started continues to inspire each improvement and new feature that we develop.

Here, we want to take a look at the work we’ve done recently to make Wideo better for you.


Presentation Mode


Did you know that you can transform your wideo into a slideshow presentation by just  clicking on the Presentation Mode button on the Wideo player?

You can just as easily change it back to Video Mode by hitting the same button again. An ideal solution for project pitches, business presentations, and webinars!

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Lots of new templates

Wideo Templates Gallery

As video marketing grows, so do the challenges of capturing the attention of your audience.

Our video and scene templates were designed to help you convey clear, and visually stunning messages. Fast.

Find inspiration from templates for every occasion and marketing goal. The best part is they’re 100% customizable.


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